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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Linda P. Gross and Ann Hoog
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: January 2011

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFS 1768-1771: Alan Lomax and Kay Dealy Miscellaneous Recordings
Ten 12-inch discs of 24 songs sung by Jennie Devlin, Kay Dealy, Francis Sullivan, and Alan Lomax, and others. Recorded in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C, by Alan Lomax and Kay Dealey, June 1938.

AFS 1771A2-B1: One disc containing "Frisco Strike Saga" sung by Esther Peterson and students of Bryn Mawr summer labor college. Recorded in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, by Alan Lomax, June 1938.

AFS 1771B2: One disc containing "Song of 316, ILGWU" sung by Frances Wertz. Recorded in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, by Alan Lomax, June 1938.

AFC 1938/010: Herbert Halpert New York and Pennsylvania Recordings
Ten discs of recordings from Sloatsburg and Ramapo, New York; New York City; and Camp Winona, Lake Como, Pennsylvania. Copies of original disc recordings at Columbia University. [catalog record]

AFS 3670A: One disc containing 10 game songs, riddles, and other rhymes by a group of school girls. Recorded at Camp Winona, Lake Como, Pennsylvania, by Herbert Halpert, 1937.

AFC 1939/016: Resettlement Administration Recordings Collection
One hundred sixty-five 12-inch discs of instrumentals and songs recorded in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C., by Sidney Robertson Cowell, Charles Seeger, Margaret Valiant, and others for the Special Skills Division, Resettlement Administration, 1936-37. The collection includes 3.5 inches of transcripts, correspondence, graphic images, and a program book from the 1937 National Folk Festival. [catalog record]

AFS 3155A; 3156-3157A1: Three discs containing 11 tunes played by Tink Queer on fiddle with Franklin Slater and Bill Fowler on guitars. Recorded in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, by Sidney Robertson Cowell, November 10, 1936.

AFS 3247A1-3: One disc containing "Johnny Mitchell Man" sung by an unidentified Pennsylvania miner and two fiddle tunes played by Mr. Peterson with dancing by an unidentified miner from Pennsylvania. Recorded at the National Folk Festival, Chicago, Illinois, by Sidney Robertson Cowell, 1937.

AFC 1942/009: Alan Lomax Recordings of Mariana Schaupp
Twelve 12-inch discs of 24 folk songs sung by Mrs. Marianna Schaupp, originally from Illinois, but living in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, at the time of the recording. Schaupp sings traditional songs and ballads learned from her family and other sources. Recorded at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., by Alan Lomax, December 1941. The collection includes articles, correspondence, lyrics for "Banks of Champlain," notes, and song lists. (includes AFS 6077-6088) [catalog record]

AFC 1945/005: Laura E. Ross Recordings of Spirituals
One 12-inch disc of school children singing religious songs and spirituals. Recorded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Laura E. Ross, Music Supervisor of District V, on Feb. 8, 1945. (includes AFS 6178) [catalog record]

AFC 1948/004: George Korson Recordings of Pennsylvania Coal Miners
Forty discs containing over 50 ballads and songs sung by various coal miners of the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. Recorded by George Korson, 1946. Portions of this collection have been published by the Library of Congress on LP no. L16, Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners. (includes AFS 7978-8017) [catalog record]

AFC 1948/005: Charles Seeger Collection of Mexican Workers' Folksongs
Six discs of 16 songs sung by Mexican migrant workers from a Pennsylvania Railroad camp. Recorded in Cheverly, Maryland, by Charles Seeger, September 16, 1944. [catalog record]

AFC 1948/007: Jacob Evanson Collection of Folksongs for Pittsburgh School Students
Six 12-inch discs and transcriptions of American folksong collections compiled by Jacob Evanson and issued to teachers of vocal music in the Pittsburgh public schools; one group of songs is for primary grades (ca. 1942), and one group for all grades. The folksong collections are mimeographed, annotated, with music and words, some hymns in four-parts (ca. 1940-1946). Some songs, including an African American spriritual and steel workers' songs, were transcribed from oral tradition from students and teachers. Evanson used recordings of American folksongs from the Library of Congress to teach folk songs to 5th and 6th grade students at the Crescent School, Pittsburgh; the students were then recorded singing 15 of the songs, these recordings (1944) form part of the collection. An academic paper by Evanson, "The Pittsburgh Schools' Experiment with Vernacular Song: A Review of Ten Years of Activity," delivered at the American Folklore Society and American Anthropological Association annual meeting in Chicago, Dec. 28, 1946, mentions Evanson's collaboration with composer Roy Harris and discussions with George Pullen Jackson. The paper includes a 4-part arrangement by Roy Harris of Psalm 137 from the Ainsworth Psalter (folder 2, p. 23) (includes AFS 8027-8032) [catalog record]

AFS 9143-9145: Howard S. Lee Recordings
Three discs containing 29 songs sung with guitar by Howard S. (Steve) Lee, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Staunton, Virginia. Recorded at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., by Duncan Emrich, 1948.

AFC 1950/017: National Folk Festival, 1938
One 12-inch and thirty-nine 16-inch discs of instrumentals, songs, dance music, and folk dancing (Morris dance, sword dance, square dance, and social dances) performed by Scottish, American Indian, Spanish American, Anglo-American, African American, and Pennsylvania Dutch performers. Includes folk songs, ballads, fiddle tunes, coal miner's songs and music from Pennsylvania; cowboy songs; sea songs; Chinese music; Turkish music; Slavonic tamburitza music; Bach chorales; orchestral music; interviews; and lectures performed during the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C. from May 6-8, 1938. Also includes a radio air check on United States foreign policy and defense; and several other radio programs not recorded at the National Folk Festival, including a WPA-sponsored program featuring the Prince George High School orchestra. The collection includes 3/4 linear inch of song lists, newspaper articles, and programs. Sarah Gertrude Knott makes some introductions. Recorded primarily at the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Recording Company, May 6-8, 1938. [catalog record]

AFS 9841B; 9842B; 9843; 9852; 9853B; 9856B; 9862B; 9863B; 9866B: Nine discs containing 16 tunes and songs performed by anthracite miners of Pennsylvania; 4 Bach Chorales and 4 German folksongs sung by the Pennsylvania Junior Chorus of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and 3 Slavonic instrumentals played by the Slavonic Tamburitza Orchestra of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Recorded at the National Folk Festival, Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Recording Co,1938.

AFC 1950/025: John I. Scull Wire Recording of a Pennsylvania Murder Ballad
One spool of wire containing a ballad, recorded in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Accessioned in 1951. (includes AFS 10,002)

AFS 10,389-10,391: Earl O. Schlegel Recordings
Three discs containing three songs and one poem performed by Earl O. Schlegal and group, of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Recorded by Schlegel, ca. 1949.

AFS 10,873-10,874: Jonas Balys / Lithuanian Folksongs
Two 10-inch tapes of Lithuanian folk songs recorded in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Recorded by Jonas Balys of Indiana University. Includes 6 songs recorded in Pittsburgh, Scranton, Shenendoah, and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 1949-1950. [see also AFS 19,161-19178 and AFS 18,805],

AFC 1952/002: Mead Sales Company Collection of Paul Bunyan Prints, 1952-1954
Thirty (30) color prints, 33 x 27 cm., depicting logging feats of Paul Bunyan. Most of the prints, which have humorous captions, are the work of artist, Hugh McMillen Hutton, with a few by S.W. Wilcox and Henry C. Pitz. They were issued as part of a series of more than 60 prints by the Mead Sales Company (Mead Corporation) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were sent to Duncan Emrich, former head of the Archive of Folk Song, from 1952 to 1954. [catalog record]

AFC 1957/008: Frank A. Hoffmann Collection of Migrant Worker and Blanche W. Keysner Recordings
One 10-inch tape of church services and songs recorded in Harrisburg and Port Treverton, Pennsylvania, by Frank A. Hoffmann, August 26-27, 1956. The collection includes two pages of lists. Port Treverton recordings made at a "Migrant Worker Camp (Negro)" on August 27 and Sept. 3, 1956, as well as at the home of Blanche W. Keysner of Harrisburg, Pennsylviania, on August 26, 1956. Singers at the migrant worker camp were: John T. Singleterry (Jacksonville, Florida), Jimmy Mosley (Avon Park, Florida), Enella Alford, Lillian Reed, Mamie Ruth Carmichael, Clyde Watson, and Andy Latimor. (includes AFS 11,306) [catalog record]

AFC 1958/007: George Korson / Songs from Pennsylvania
One tape of 38 miner's songs and children's game songs of the Pennsylvania Germans recorded in and around Pottsville, Pennsylvania, by George Korson. Recorded ca. 1950s. (includes AFS 11,345)

AFC 1960/004: Frank A. Hoffmann New York and Pennsylvania Recordings
Three tapes containing one hundred sixty songs sung by Albert Vergason and Sharon Vergason of Sweden Valley, Pennsylvania, Ezra Barhight originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Hiram M. Cranmer of Hammersley Fork, Pennsylvania. Recorded by Frank Hoffmann, 1959. (includes AFS 11,688-11,690) [catalog record]

AFS 11,865: Frank A. Hoffmann Recordings of Hiram M. Cranmer and Ame Walters
One 10-inch tape of more than 70 songs, tunes, recitations and remarks by Hiram M. Cranmer, and 4 songs performed by Ame Walters. Recorded in Hammersley Fork, Pennsylvania, by Frank Hoffmann, 1956-1958.

AFS 12,010-12,012: George Korson Bituminous Songs Collection
Three 10-inch tapes of instrumentals, a recitation, and songs performed with fiddle and guitar by bituminous coal miners from Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Recorded at various locations by George Korson, 1940. The collection includes three pages of lists. Portions of this collection have been published by the Library of Congress on recording number AFS L60, Songs and Ballads of the Bituminous Coal Miners.

AFS 12,063: Donald Kissil / Central Pennsylvania Folklore
One 7-inch tape entitled "The Folk-Lore in Sound of Central Pennsylvania," narrated by Kay Oiler, written and accompanied by Melvin Curley. Recorded prior to 1964. Gift of the Pennsylvania Folk Music Association.

AFS 14,026: Hilda A. Kring Songs
One 5-inch tape of British and Irish ballads including nine sung and played on dulcimer by Mrs. Myra Elmers, formerly of the piedmont region of South Carolina. Recorded in Pennsylvania, by Hilda A. Kring, February 1969.

AFS 14,027: Walter Warren and Morrison Baker / "The Flood on Blockhouse Run"
One 3-inch tape of "The Flood on Blockhouse Run," sung by Morrison Baker, recorded at New Brighton, Pennsylvania, by Charles Baker, August 1967.

AFC 1970/004: Don Yoder Collection of Wire Recordings
Thirty-two sound wire reels of field recordings of hymns and spirituals of Pennsylvania Dutch Evangelical United Brethren, United Christian, and Mennonite singers; humorous songs, folk songs, and conversations in Pennsylvania German; hymns, ballads, folk songs, tales, and ghost stories in English; several interviews about holidays, camp meetings, and traditional healing, including Pennsylvania Dutch powwowing. Musical accompaniment includes guitar and fiddle for some recordings. [catalog record]

AFC 1970/020: Ola Belle Reed Duplication Project
Two tapes containing 45 songs and tunes performed by the North Carolina Ridge Runners of northeastern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania, recorded ca. late 1940s, possibly at WDEL, Wilmington, Delaware; also Ola Belle Reed, Alex Cambell and the New River Boys of the Same region, recorded in 1968. (includes AFS 14,104-14,105) [catalog record]

AFC 1970/044: Alan Jabbour Recordings of Jehile Kirkhuff and John Vesey
Two 7-inch tapes of Irish fiddle tunes performed by John Vesey recorded in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, August 7, 1970; and 7 5-inch tapes of fiddle tunes performed by Jehile Kirkhuff recorded near Rush, Pennsylvania, August 8, 1970. Recorded by Alan Jabbour. (includes AFS 14,223-14,231) [catalog record]

AFC 1970/012: Alan Jabbour Collection of Fiddle Tunes by Earl Hafler
Two 7-inch tapes of fiddle tunes played by Earl Hafler, accompanied by his son Earl on guitar. Recorded at Hafler's home in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, by Alan Jabbour, September 25, 1970. (includes AFS 14,266-14,267) [catalog record]

AFS 14,273-14,279: R.P. Christeson / Harvey Thompson and Jehile Kirkhuff Recordings
Six audiocassette of fiddle tunes played by Jehile Kirkhuff, near Rush, Pennsylvania. Also includes one 7-inch tape of fiddle tunes played by Harvey Thompson, near Brogue, Pennsylvania. Recorded by Robert P. Christeson, 1970.

AFC 1971/004: R.P. Christeson Collection of Fiddle Tunes
One 10-inch tape duplicated from a wire, an acetate disc, and a tape, of fiddle tunes recorded mostly by Robert P. Christeson. Includes three separate recordings: 1) Recorded in Terrell, Terrell Co., Texas, May 11, 1950; 2) Recorded in Grand Island, Nebraska, January 22, 1950; and 3) Recorded at an old fiddlers' picnic, in Lenape, Pennsylvania, 1968 (features Jehile Kirkhuff). The collection includes a song list. (includes AFS 14,419) [catalog record]

AFC 1972/017: Kenneth S. Goldstein Collection of Sara Cleveland Recordings
Seven 10-inch tapes of 206 songs and stories, sung and spoken, primarily by Sara Cleveland of Brant Lake, New York. The songs include Child ballads, broadside ballads, Irish songs, Irish American songs, popular songs, hymns, original songs and tunes by Sara Cleveland, Irish folk tales and fairy legends, with a few performances by Jim Cleveland and Colleen Cleveland. Recorded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Kenneth S. Goldstein, March 9-April 7, 1968. The collection includes 1/4 linear inch of a concordance and recording logs. [catalog record]

AFC 1973/028: Laura Boulton Collection

AFS 15,821-15,852: Part 3: Pennsylvania Folklore
Thirty-two discs which include over 100 songs, ballads, tunes, dances and spoken performances, including material of the Pennsylvania Germans, American Indians, anthracite coal miners and river raftsmen. Recorded at the First Annual Pennsylvania Folk Festival directed by George Korson in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1935 by George Hibbit and Walter Garwick for the Columbia University Library.

AFC 1974/024: University of Maryland Folklore Archive Collection
Thirteen 10-inch tapes of student collections from the University of Maryland, under the supervision of George G. Carey, 1967-1970. Recorded in Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Includes urban folklore , Pennsylvania Dutch traditions, mining folklore, Rhodesian folk tales, ghost tales, children's rhymes, Irish folklore, rugby songs, songs by Flora Molton, Girl Scout songs, college songs, etc. The collection includes 2.5 linear inches of logs and notes. (includes AFS 17,391-17,403) [catalog record]

AFC 1975/005: Martin Ressler Recording of an Old Order Amish Lob-song
One 7-inch tape of a traditional Lob-Song recorded at an Old Order Amish worship service in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, May 31, 1972, by Martin E. Ressler. (includes AFS 17,472) [catalog record]

AFC 1975/020: G. Allen Marburger Collection on Pennsylvania Dutch and English Folk Music and Folklore
Four 7-inch tapes of a radio interview with Samuel P. Bayard, including a discussion of Pennsylvania's folksong tradition and the fife as a folk instrument in Pennsylvania, and outtakes of that program, recorded at Penn State University radio station WDFM, in 1974 by Jim Walker; also a program for TV broadcast of Pennsylvania German folksongs with discussion by Albert F. Buffington, Walter E. Boyer and Samuel P. Bayard, recorded for WFIL-TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ca.1956 by Harold Nelson. (includes AFS 17,503-17,506)

AFC 1976/006: Ola Belle Reed Photograph Collection
Sixty-four photographs of Country and Western singers active in southeastern Pennsylvania and northeastern Maryland in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

AFC 1976/014: Jack Manischewitz Duplication Project
Six 10-inch tapes of Yiddish, international, and urban children's folksongs recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; New York, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; West Orange, New Jersey; and elsewhere by Jack Manischewitz, 1957-61. The collection includes 32 pages of notes. (includes AFS 18,053-18,058)

AFC 1976/015: Robert Doyle Collection of Pennsylvania Music and Interviews
Twenty-two 7-inch, 28 10-inch tapes, and 4 [unknown size tapes] of interviews with fiddlers in central Pennsylvania, and field recordings of square dance calling, string band playing, fiddling, bagpiping, and auctioneering among Pennsylvania Germans and other ethnic groups, 1973-1975. Also includes the 1976 and 1977 Penn State Fiddlers' Competition. Recorded by Robert Doyle, Matthew G. Guntharp, Timothy O'Briscoe, and Hugh Johnson, 1973-1976. The collection includes transcripts of interviews in AFS 18,059-18,072, correspondence, project proposal, and 1980 report on the Penn State Fiddle Competition. (includes AFS 18,059-18,073; AFS 18,080-18,086; AFS 18,849-18,871; AFS 18,988-18,992; AFS 19,455-19,458) [catalog record]

AFS 18,732: L.H. Caldwell Pennsylvania Dutch Songs
One 7-inch tape of Kansas and Pennsylvania German family lore and six songs sung and spoken by L. Harold Caldwelll of Wichita, Kansas. Recorded in Washington, D.C., at the Library of Congress by Gerald E. Parsons, December 22, 1975. The collection includes 1/4 linear inch of a bibliography, correspondence, and notes. Includes "Chingly Chan" songs.

AFS 18,883-18,890: Henry Glassie Collection of Ola Belle Reed and Family Recordings
Eight 10-inch tapes of country music played on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and dobro by Ola Belle Reed and family of North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Recorded in 1966 and 1967 by Henry Glassie.

AFC 1977/019: Trailside Country School interviews from Maine and Pennsylvania
Six 10-inch tapes of interviews with Lyman Guptill of Trescott, Maine, and Phares Hurst, a Mennonite farmer of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Recorded by Diana Cohen and students of the Trailside County School, of Killington, Vermont, in connection with a Bicentennial publication of the Reading is Fundamental program entitled "I Wish I Could Give my Son a Wild Raccoon." (ed. Eliott Wigginton, Anchor Press, 1976). (includes AFS 18,971-18,976) [catalog record]

AFS 19,161-19,178: Jonas Balys / Lithuanian American Recordings
Eighteen 10-inch tapes of Greek and Lithuanian songs recorded in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin by Jonas Balys, 1949-59. The collection includes five linear inches of manuscripts containing an alphabetic index of songs, copies of six diaries of field expeditions, and photocopies of original tape boxes having supplementary information.

AFC 1978/017: Julian Grossman Recordings of Jewish Folksongs
One audiocassette of two Jewish folksongs and 1 original song in Yiddish. Sung by Julian Grossman of Norristown, Pennsylvania, summer, 1975. (includes AFS 19,233)

AFC 1979/006: 1979 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection
Manuscripts, print materials, audio recordings, and graphic materials that document the 1979 concert series sponsored by the American Folklife Center. The annual series, which began in 1977, features the presentation of folk traditions from many cultures. The concerts took place on the Neptune Plaza at the front of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress between April and September. The 1979 series was produced with the assistance of the National Council for the Traditional Arts. [catalog record] [finding aid]

The following details materials from the May 31, 1979, concert of Irish music performed by Eugene O'Donnell and Mick Moloney of Pennsylvania.

AFC 1979/006: Folder 4: One folder containing news clippings about the band.

LWO 12,835: One tape containing the concert. (1 hour)

AFC 1979/006: Envelope 2: One sheet of black-and-white negatives (31 images) of the concert. Photographed by Carl Fleischhauer.

AFC 1979/006: Folder 5: One black-and-white contact sheet (31 images) of the concert. Photographed by Carl Fleischhauer.

AFC 1979/006: Envelopes 3-4: Two holders containing 30 color slides of the concert. Photographed by Carl Fleischhauer.

AFS 19,713-19,726: Henry Glassie / Folk Music Recordings
Fourteen 10-inch tapes of folk music recorded mostly in Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania by Henry Glassie, 1961-1967. Performers include Ola Belle Reed, Hobart Smith, N. T. [Nathan Tab] Ward, and Ruby Bowman Plemmons.

AFS 20,167-20,169: Gordon Bok / Khalmyk Duplication Project
Three 10-inch tapes of songs and instrumental performances (dance tunes, children's songs, love songs, epic songs) by Khalmyk and Khalmyk American people. Includes traditional and popular orchestral arrangements of Russian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, and Asian folk t(?). Recorded by Gordon Bok in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey before 1979, with other selections from field and studio recordings from the Friends Neighborhood Guild in Philadelphia, including older recordings from the former USSR. Also spelled Kalmyk in some places.

AFS 22,561: Alice Brady Beckmann / Alexander Brady Collection
One 10-inch tape of songs, poetry, and reminiscences by Alexander Brady, Pennsylvania-born lumberjack, peddlar, pharmacist, minister, and versifier; also songs and reminiscences of Mr. Brady by his daughter, Alice Brady Brackmann. Recorded by Alice Brady Beckmann, January 31, 1964, place unknown.

AFS 24,118-24,119: Mary Leister / "Grandmother's Old Arm Chair" Collection
Two audiocassettes of the ballad "Grandmother's Old Arm Chair" sung twice by Mary Leister, taught to her by her grandfather in Indiana, with introduction and commentary. Recorded by Leister in her home in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, June 1984 and January 1985. The collection includes twenty-four pages of an album cover, correspondence, description, and musical and textual transcriptions.

AFC 1980/008: "An Investigation of Adolescent Females in America's Sub-Cultures" by Margo Davis
One hundred twenty-three-page manuscript entitled "An Investigation of Adolescent Females in America's Sub-Cultures." Includes interviews with young women aged 13-27, from Mormon, Mennonnite, Papago, Hopi, Hutterite, farming, and fishing communities. Interviews were conducted in Downeast Maine; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Boulder, Utah; Tucson and areas in northern Arizona; and Norfolk Connecticut, by Margo Davis, Octobert 1979-June 1980. Davis was traveling with the Audubon Expedition Institute for Environmental Education.

AFC 1980/015: Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife Manuscript Collection / by Samuel Preston Bayard
Typescript for the book Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife: Instrumental Folk Tunes in Pennsylvania, edited by Samuel P. Bayard, The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, Pennsylvania, 1980.

AFC 1981/014: Pennsylvania Folk Song: An Addition to an Old Heritage / by Jane T. Pippart
Thesis for MME, Holy Names College. July 1979. Typescript, photocopy, illustrated with 18 color photographic prints; 4 x 6 in. and smaller, of Amish buildings, schools, and scenes. Includes two sound cassettes of field recordings: "Mary Kunkel, Pa. German folk songs," and "Amish school, Penn-Grant singing class" recorded by Jane T. Pippart. Cassettes contain music sung by school children in German language. [catalog record]

AFC 1981/018: Ethnic Broadcasting in America Collection
Eighteen 7-inch tapes, 2 5-inch tapes, and 117 audiocassettes of ethnic radio broadcasts recorded for the Ethnic Broadcasting in America Project of the American Folklife Center. Recorded mostly off the air by Elena Bradunas, Theodore Grame, Alan Jabbour, and others at various locations in the United States, 1977-78. Documentation includes Theodore Grame's Ethnic Broadcasting in the United States (Washington, D.C.: American Folklife Center, 1980) and 6 linear inches of manuscript materials.

AFS 23,065: One tape containing a Greek language radio program broadcast on WEDO, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1977. (RYA 2924)

AFS 23,081-23,083: Three tapes containing Irish, Spanish, and Jewish language radio programs broadcast on WIBF, Jenkinstown, Pennsylvania, March 4-5, 1978. (RYA 2940-2942)

AFS 23,094: One tape containing Ruthenian religious and Latin Mass language radio programs broadcast on WLOA and possibly WEDO, Braddock, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1977. (RYA 2952)

AFS 23,111-23,115: Five tapes containing Ukrainian and Greek religious and Slovene, Lithuanian, Italian, Scottish, and Arab language radio programs broadcast on WPIT, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1978 and possibly October 30, 1977. (RYA 2968-2972)

AFS 23,141: One tape containing Ukrainian and Russian religious radio programs broadcast on WTEL, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1978. (RYA 2989)

AFC 1983/001: Jehile Kirkhuff Old-Time Music Fund / Fireman's Dance Collection
One audiocassette of Jehile Kirkhuff, old-time fiddler from Pennsylvania, playing fiddle tunes with accompaniement by the collectors, Ed and Geraldine Berbaum (guitar and banjo). Recorded ca. 1980s.

AFC 1986/022: Center for Applied Linguistics Collection
Fifty-nine 10-inch tapes of speech samples, linguistic interviews, oral histories, conversations, and excerpts from public speeches recorded at various locations in North America by various collectors, and compiled by the Center for Applied Linguistics for a project entitled "A Survey and Collection of American English Dialect Recordings." The collection includes fourteen linear inches of documentation, including an introduction and preface, a list of contents, content summaries, and transcripts. Collectors and interviewees vary, representing approximately 43 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico. [catalog record] [online presentation]

AFS 24,313B1: One tape containing a conversation with a 57-year old female from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, dicussing tobacco farming. Recorded in 1967. Collected by Mary Ritchie Key. [audio]

AFS 24,313B2: One tape containing a conversation with an 80-year old male from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, disucussing tobacco farming. Recorded in 1967. Collected by Mary Ritchie Key. [audio]

AFS 24,313B3: One tape containing a conversation with a female from Manheim, Pennsylvania, discussing tobacco farming. Recorded in 1967. Collected by Mary Ritchie Key. [audio]

AFS 24,346A1: One tape containing a conversation with a 23-year old female from Reinhoolds, Pennsylvania, discussing her career as a hairdresser. Recorded in 1977. Collected by Lois M. Huffines. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,346A2: One tape containing a conversation with a 38-year old male and 34-year old female from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, discussing canning, popcorn, butchering, apple butter, soap making, home remedies, church, dairly farming, and family celebrations. Recorded in 1977. Collected by Lois M. Huffines. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,346B1: One tape containing a conversation with a 66-year old male and 61-year old female from Macungie, Pennsylvania, discussing canning, preserving, drying fruits, regional food specialties, winemaking, home remedies, and school. Recorded in 1977. Collected by Lois M. Huffines. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,346B2: One tape containing a conversation with a 66-year old male and 63-year old female from Pennsylvania disucussing farming, storms, drying fruits and vegetables, local food specialties, home remedies, making cotage cheese, and superstitions. Recorded in 1977. Collected by Lois M. Huffines. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,346A3: One tape containing a conversation with a 77-year old female from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, discussing farming, butchering, and regional food specialties. Recorded in 1977. Collected by Lois M. Huffines. [audio] [transcript]

AFC 1987/031: Nicolas G. Schidlovsky Old Believers Collection
Twenty-six 10-inch tapes of Old Believers' services and religious singing, and copies of a published recording of Russian church bells and religious chant. Recorded in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., by Nicolas G. Schidlovsky, 1972-85. The collection includes seven photographs, a six-page brochure entitled "Old Believers," and one linear inch of concordances, notes, photocopies of chant notations, recording logs, and early Slavic neumes. (includes AFS 25,956-25,981)

AFC 1988/030: Die Dolpehock Sanger Chor / Mir Singe Pennsylvanisch Deitsch Collection
One videocassette of rhe Tulpehocken Singing Choir performing "We Sing in Pennsylvania German," a selection of Pennsylvania folksongs and hymns; also some songs sung in high German. Filmed by Hilltop Video Service, March 20, 1988.

AFC 1990/009: Fraktur: American Folklife Center Lecture and Demonstration on the Pennsylvania German Folk Art and Illuminating Manuscripts, Dec. 11, 1986
One 10-inch tape of a lecture by folklorist Don Yoder and demonstration by Paul Connor, presentation by Alan Jabbour, in the Mumford Room, Dec. 11, 1986. Lecture on origin, history, and symbolism of fraktur. (includes AFS 27,018)

AFC 1990/011: The Jehile Kirkhuff Old-Time Music Fund Collection
Forty-eight 7-inch tapes and three audiocassettes of old-time fiddle music and interviews performed and spoken by Jehile Kirkhuff of Rush, Pennsylvania, and other fiddlers of New York and Pennsylvania. Recorded by Ed and Geraldine Berbaum at various locations in New York and Pennsylvania, 1980-85. The collection includes one-half linear inch of articles, correspondence, logs, and notes.

AFC 1990/034: Peter V. Fritsch / Brandywine Minstrels Collection
Two videocassettes and two booklets. One is entitled Background: 10 Years with the Brandywine Minstrels, written and directed by Peter V. Fritsch. Includes a 2-hour video of a community production of song, dance, and comedy performed by 75 adults and children. Recorded November 1989. Also includes a program booklet. The second video is entitled Uff Die Alt Bauerei, written and directed by Peter V. Fritsch. Includes a 1.5-hour production done entirely in the Pennsylvania German dialect, involving folksongs, folklore, and typical Pennsylvania German farm family traditions, performed by 60 people. Recorded in Topton, Pennsylvania, June 1-3, 1990. Both productions were created as fundraisers for the community library and local school.

AFC 1993/002: 1993 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection
manuscript and print materials, sound recordings, graphic materials, and moving images that document the 1993 concert series sponsored by the American Folklife Center. The annual series, which began in 1977, features the presentation of folk traditions from many cultures. The concerts take place on the Neptune Plaza at the front of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress between April and September. [catalog record] [finding aid]

The following describes materials from the May 20, 1993, concert of traditional Irish music and dance performed by Tom and Maureen Doherty, of New York and Pennsylvania

AFC 1993/002: Folder 6: One folder containing concert fliers, press releases, and a concert log.

AFC 1993/002: SR2: One tape containing the concert. (1 hour)

AFC 1993/002: Folders 7-9: Three folders containing two black-and-white contact sheets (57 images) and four 8x10 black-and-white photoprints. Photographed by Jim Higgins. [note: negatives are probably in the LC Archives collection in the Mansuscript Division]

AFC 1993/002: V2: One videocassette containing the concert. (1 hour)

The following describes materials from the July 15, 1993, concert of African American Sacred Music performed by the Philadelphia Ambassadors Chorale and Ensemble

AFC 1993/002: Folder 15: One folder containing two concert fliers autographed by the performers, unsigned fliers, press releases, and a concert log.

AFC 1993/002: SR6: One tape containing the concert. (1 hour)

AFC 1993/002: SR7-8: Two audiocassettes containng the concert. Each cassette is a complete recording of the concert (recorded concurrently with reel-to-reel).

AFC 1993/002: Folders 16-17: Three folders containing 3 black-and-white contact sheets (77 images), 1 7x9 black-and-white photoprint, and 8 8x10 black- -and-white photoprints. Photographed by Jim Higgins.

AFC 1993/002: V4: One videocassette containing the concert. (1 hour)

AFC 1997/011: Lands' End All-American Quilt Collection
Lands' End in cooperation with Good Housekeeping magazine sponsored quilt contests in 1992, 1994, and 1996. The collection,housed in 154 boxes, consists of visual images, entry blanks, and essays written by entrants, as well as Lands End administrative files and correspondence pertinent to the promotion of the contest. Approximately 13,100 entries for the three contests came from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Numerous types and styles of needlework, quilting, patchwork, applique and embroidery are represented among the visual images. [catalog record] [finding aid] [online presentation]

AFC 1998/011: Edward Keenan Collection on Old Believers
The collection consists mainly of materials related to religious music and belief among the Old Believers sect of the Russian Orthodox faith. Among the items in the collection are a spiral notebook which delineates a musical notation system which is used to interpret the music in the collection, several small booklets of hymns written in Cyrillic, some Russian language lessons, and a small booklet of catechism of the Greek Old Orthodox faith. Most of the material is either mimeographed or dittoed, and much of it is in Cyrillic script. The items were largely produced in the 1950s in Erie, Pennsylvania, by Rev. V. Smolakov. Additionally, there is a resource book for Russian Old Believers in Oregon produced in 1976.

AFC 1998/022: Robin Hiteshew Collection Collection of Irish Recordings
Seven hundred sixty-seven discs, 118 reel-to-reel tapes, 6 audiocassettes and 4 moving image reels documenting Irish music and spoken word, including recordings made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Irish and Irish American musicians are featured in this collection amassed from several sources by Robin Hiteshew.

AFC 1998/026: Ed and Geraldine Berbaum / Ronald Nauman Fiddling Collection
Two 7-inch tapes of Pennsylvania fiddler, Ronald Nauman of Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. Recorded by Ed Berbaum, January 17, 1984. The tapes contain 22 tunes performed by Nauman, and are part of a larger recording and preservation project (The Jehile Kirkhuff Old Time Music Fund) directed by the Berbaums.

AFC 1999/021: Thomas Standeven, Jr. / John Vesey, Sligo Fiddler, CD project
2 CDs of 42 pieces performed by John Francis Vesey (Sligo fiddler), accompanied by Edward Cahill (flute), Peter Canice Fahy (fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes), Michael McIntyre (flute), and Martin J. Wynne (fiddle). The 2nd CD concludes with a slow air on uilleann pipes by Standeven. The recordings were made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1954-1975.

AFC 2000/001: Local Legacies Collection
Four hundred and five linear feet (approximately 90,000 manuscript pages, 475 sound recordings, 13,270 graphic materials, 335 electronic media, and 75 artifacts) of documentation of local festivals, fairs, parades, and other community-based events from each U.S. state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories and trusts. The Local Legacies Collection was donated through the efforts of individuals, organizations, and institutions asked to participate by members of Congress. This project was part of the Library of Congress Bicentennial celebration in the year 2000. [catalog record] [online presentation] [Pennsylvania Local Legacies]

AFC 2000/007: Edward Sapir / Kutchin Cylinder Recordings
Two 10-inch tapes (copied from 18 wax cylinders) of Kutchin spoken word by John Fredson, a Kutchin Indian from Ft. Yukon, Alaska. Recorded at Camp Red Cloud, Pennsylvania, by Edward Sapir, summer 1923. Textual transcriptions and translations by Edward Sapir; melodic transcriptions [of speech tones?] by George Herzog. These materials are part of a larger collection of Kutchin linguistic data entrusted to Mary Haas by Sapir and his executors.

AFC 2001/031: Ted Grame and Kathy Monahan Sound Recordings
A collection of 103 audio reels, made by Ted Grame and Kathy Monahan, 1974-1976, documenting ethnic and religious recordings. Most of the recordings were made in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The collection includes liturgical recordings from Gaelic, Ukranian, Greek, and Rumanian Byzantine masses. Additionally, there are recordings of Tamburitza music, highland games, Hasidic music, Hindu chants, and various folk festivals.

AFC 2003/011: George Korson Collection
One hundred thirty-two discs, 1 16mm film, 400+ prints and negatives, and manuscripts collected by George Korson, mostly from Pennsylvania and West Virginia, covering the time periods of 1917-1960s. Includes interviews with miners and others connected to the mining industry, labor rights, photographs (both from Korson's personal life and reflecting his fieldwork), and artifacts (including a coal carving). Received from King's College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

AFC 2003/051: Don Yoder Collection of Tape Recordings
One hundred seventy-three tapes of field recordings made by Don Yoder, 1950s-1970s. Included are recordings of Pennsylvania Dutch conversation, interviews, hymns, prayers, folk dance music, humorous songs, and folk festivals. Recordings were made of various events including the first Pennsylvania Dutch Harvest Frolic, August 30-September 1, 1961; and the second annual Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival, Kutztown, Pennsylvania (recorded from a broadcast by WEEU) where participants were interviewed about local history; folk religious beliefs and practices, including prayer and the himmelsbrief; and healing traditions including powwowing. Local choirs performed Pennsylvania German hymns and revival hymns, some in English; and Christmas music from Pennsylvania Dutch country. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/008: Herbert Halpert Collection
Sound recordings, correspondence, indexes, manuscripts, research notes, photographs and photographic negatives, newspaper clippings, student papers, ephemera and other materials primarily representing the documentation and analysis of the folklore of regions of New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Alaska by folklorist Herbert Halpert. The collection occupies approximately 50 linear feet.

AFC 2004/034: Jerry Grcevich Concert Collection
Collection includes sound and video recordings of a concert of Croatian tamburitza music recorded in Coolidge audiotorium at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., December 8, 2004. Manuscripts include program flyers and other printed information about the performers and tamburitza ensembles. Also included is a sound recording of an interview with Jerry Grcevich about his family history and musical training. Grcevich demonstrates the various tambura instruments, their tuning, and their roles in a tamburitza orchestra; discusses his study, performance, and recording in Croatia; the members of his orchestra; and music crossing borders in Europe and the United States. Part of the Homegrown 2004 concert series. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/046: The Lore of America's Coal Miners, Lecture by Angus Kress Gillespie
Lecture by Angus Gillespie, professor of American Studies, Rutgers University, on the biography of George Korson, who collected songs and stories of anthracite miners in Pennsylvania and on the George Korson Collection at the American Folklife Center. Recorded September 30, 2004 at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Part of the Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture series. [catalog record]

AFC 2008/023: Cherry Tree Music Co-op Collection
One thousand five hundred sixty-nine audio items (various formats) recorded at Cherry Tree Music Co-op, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1975-2003. Performers include Ad Vielle Que Pourra, Eric Andersen, Tony Barrand, Battlefield Band, Kevin Burke, Reagan, Brendan, Silly Wizard, and Chris Smither.

AFC 2009/015: Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac Concert Collection
The collection includes a concert by Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac, a Mexicayotl dance ensemble from Pennsylvania. Includes ritual dances of Danza Mexica, Brujo de la Mancha, artistic director. Recorded in Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., June 18, 2009. Part of the Homegrown 2009 concert series. [catalog record] [event flyer and webcast]


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