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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Jennifer L. Davis and John C. DeMetrick with assistance from Andrew T. Urban
Series Editor: Ann Hoog

Publication Date: March 2001; Web revision January 2010
Series Number:
ISSN 0736-4903

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFS 14,617:  Flora Molton Recordings of Vietnam War Protest Songs
One 7-inch 45 rpm disc of "The Sun Will Shine in Vietnam" and "I Heard It Through the True Vine" sung with guitar by Flora Molton, and accompanied by Ed Morris.  Probably recorded in Washington, D.C., ca. 1970.  The collection includes a 1-page description of the contents. (8 minutes; Molten's Record 6661-6662)

AFS 16,981: Flora Molton Recording Project
One 7-inch tape of eight songs sung with guitar by Flora Molton.  Recorded in Washington, D.C., by Joseph C. Hickerson, November 19, 1973. The collection includes a 1-page log.

AFS 16,981A4: "The Sun's Gonna Shine in Vietnam One Day" composed by Molton. (5 minutes; LWO 7590)

AFC 1975/014: General Edwin Lansdale Songs of the Vietnam War
Two 10-inch tapes of "In the Midst of War," scripted by Gen. Edward G. Lansdale and narrated by Hank Miller, incorporating 41 songs about the Vietnam War and related topics sung by Steve Addiss, Pham Duy, Hershel Gober, and others. Recorded at the home of General Lansdale, Saigon, Vietnam, January 1967. The collection includes 3/8 linear inch of articles, correspondence, logs, notes, and transcriptions. (1 hour and 30 minutes; LWO 8281 reels 1-2) (includes AFS 17,483; 18,882)

AFC 1974/034: Glossary of Army Slang / by Carl Fleishhauer
Sixty-five page typescript of approximately 350 terms collected from American soldiers at posts in Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas, by Carl Fleischhauer, 1964-66. The collection includes correspondence and newspaper clippings.

AFC 1975/051:  Saul Broudy / American Serviceman's Songs from Vietnam War
One 10-inch tape of American servicemen's songs from the Vietnam War, recorded primarily at an aviation unit commanders' conference in Nha Trang, Vietnam, April 1967.  Donated by Saul Broudy.  The collection includes a 70-page M.A. thesis entitled "GI Folklore in Viet-Nam" by Saul Broudy (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1969) that includes extensive song transcriptions from this collection, and  examines the folk community of GIs in Vietnam through their customs, humor, slang, songs, speech, and tales. Includes a bibliography, discography, dictionary of slang terms.  (2 hours; LWO 8644) (includes AFS 17,970)

AFS 18,977-18,982: General Edwin Lansdale Collection of Vietnam War Songs
Six 10-inch tapes of one-hundred-sixty songs about the Vietnam War, sung by American military personnel, including Jim Bullington, the Cosmos Tabernacle Choir, Dolf Droge, Bill Ellis, Hershel Gober, Dick Jonas, the Merrymen of 173rd AHC, Barry Sadler, Bill Stubbs, and the USAF Band and Singing Sergeants.  Recorded primarily in Thailand, Vietnam, and Virginia by Gen. Edward G. Lansdale, 1962-72.  Also included are some commercial recordings and recordings from tapes and discs sent to Lansdale by friends and colleagues.  The tapes are edited and narrated by Hank Miller. The collection includes 1/2 linear inch of articles, logs, notes, and transcriptions. (12 hours; LWO 9518)

AFS 24,115-24,116:  Lydia Fish and Larry Roberson / Michael Martin Collection
Two audiocassettes of 26 songs about the Vietnam War, primarily composed and sung with guitar by Michael Martin.  Recorded in Buffalo, New York, by Lydia M. Fish and Larry Roberson, April 1984.  The collection includes six pages of correspondence, logs, and notes. (2 hours; RYA 5120-5121)

AFC 1986/044: Barbara Dane Collection of Jim Garland Songs
One audiocassette of 4 songs composed and sung with guitar by Jim Garland of Arjay, Kentucky, and 1 song sung by a Western Kentucky coal miner. Recorded in 1977 and sent to Barbara Dane by Jim Garland. The collection includes 3 pages of notes, a song list, and a transcription. [view catalog record]

AFS 24,260A4: One tape containing a parody of "Green, Green Grass of Home" about a wounded veteran returning from Vietnam. Sung with guitar by Jim Garland. (6 minutes; RYA 6186)

AFC 1980/001: Barbara Dane Collection
Forty-three 10-inch, 80 7-inch, and 35 5-inch tapes containing events, instrumentals, interviews, and songs.  Recorded primarily by and for Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber at various locations in Canada and the United States, 1952-78, including the "Sing Out!" radio program on WBAI-FM, New York City.  The collection includes one and 1/2 linear inches of content lists, correspondence, notes, photocopies of original tape boxes, and transcripts. [Note: the logs are incomplete, therefore there may be additional material related to the Vietnam War not mentioned here]

AFC 1980/001:SR46: One 7-inch tape containing "It's Gonna Be Awful" sung by Bessie Jones of St. Simon's Island, Georgia,  "Napalm" sung by Michael Cooney,  "Guns of Our Cities" sung by Mark Spoelstra,  "Soon Born Baby" sung by Bob Cohen, and  "Lambarene Time," "Bitter Rain," "Only a War," "Peace Isn't Treason,"  "I Believe," and "No Town," sung by Malvina Reynolds, as well as comments.  Recorded and subsequently submitted for use at "Sing-In for Peace," the first major anti‑Vietnam War demonstration in New York City, September 24, 1965.  (50 minutes; RXB 0027)

AFC 1980/001:SR72: One 7-inch tape containing 18 anti-war songs composed and sung by Tuli Kupferberg of New York City.  Recorded ca. 1967.  (1 hour and 5 minutes; RXB 0033)

AFC 1980/001:SR77-82: Six 5-inch tapes containing Irwin Silber interviewing Michael Cooney, a musician and draft resister; Dennis Gaston, a "hippie" draft resister and former VISTA worker; "Country" Joe McDonald, musician and composer of "Fixin' to Die Rag"; Barry Melton, a musician in McDonald's band; and an unidentified ex-Berkeley student.  Recorded spring 1968.  (9 hours; RXB 0038-0043)

AFC 1980/001:SR83-84:  Two 5-inch tapes containing GIs at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas, talking about their experiences during the Vietnam War.  Recorded July 6, 1968.  (3 hours and 15 minutes; RXB 0044-0045)

AFC 1980/001:SR86:  One 5-inch tape containing "The Unknown Soldier," based on reports of African‑American soldiers who defected to North Vietnam, sung with banjo and guitar by Peggy Seeger and Tark Warshaw.  (4 minutes; RXB 0047)

AFC 1980/001:SR87:  One 5-inch tape containing "Uncle Sam Wants Me As a Soldier," sung by a draftee.  Recorded January 31, 1970.  (3 minutes; RXB 0048)

AFC 1980/001:SR92:  One 7-inch tape containing topical songs from a variety of sources, including the Coral Sea Rally, a campaign to stop the ship of that name from returning to the Vietnam area.  (24 minutes; RXB 0053)

AFC 1980/001:SR93:  One 5-inch tape containing a  program entitled "Draft Resistance Trial and Support Statements from Active-duty GIs, Wounded Veterans, and Gold Star Mothers," produced by George Stein.  Includes a seven-page transcript.  (25 minutes; RXB 0054)  

AFC 1980/001:SR100:  One 7-inch tape containing then anti-war songs "Four More Years," "No - I Won't Go,"  "Sunshine Silver Mine," "Born in the Suburbs," "Friends All Around," "Cry Out, Sister," "Jail No Bail," "Can't Be Free 'til Everybody Else Is," "Open Up Those Prison Gates," and "There's a War," sung by the Red Star Singers.  Recorded April 15, 1973  (1 hour; RXB 0061) 

AFC 1980/001:SR116:  One 5-inch tape containing a GI talking about the army and the war in Vietnam.  (35 minutes; RXB 0074)

AFC 1980/001:SR117:  One 5-inch tape containing songs in Spanish about the Vietnam War.  (27 minutes; RXB 0075)

AFC 1980/001:SR122:  One 5-inch tape containing twenty-two anti‑war songs from Australia composed and sung by various musicians.  (1 hour; RXB 0080)

AFC 1980/001:SR128:  One 7-inch tape containing Conrad Lynn, an African‑American lawyer active in draft resistance cases, discussing several topics, including the Vietnam War from the black point of view, a description of war crimes, and election techniques used to protest the war.  (2 hours and 40 minutes; RXB 0086)

AFC 1980/001:SR138:  One 7-inch tape containing "War on a People," a "dramatization of the methods the United States used in its attempts to win a war against the people of Indochina."  (30 minutes; RXB 0096)

AFC 1980/001:SR139:  One 7-inch tape containing "Born in the Suburbs," "Friends All Around," "Jail No Bail," "Pig Nixon," "The Banquet," and "There's a War in Vietnam," sung by the Red Star Singers.  (40 minutes; RXB 0097)

AFC 1980/001:SR142:  One 7-inch tape containing "Pig Nixon" (fragment) and "So Many Angry People," sung by the Red Star Singers.  (10 minutes; RXB 0100)

AFC 1980/001:SR143:  One 7-inch tape containing a selection of topical songs from late 1969 to 1970,  including "Liberate the Sisters Now!" sung by Barbara Herbert and the Grimke Sisters Union, a group of women from South Carolina, and "The Original Televised War" sung with guitar by F. William Kaufman of Pikesville, Maryland.  Recorded August 15, 1969.  (10 minutes; RXB 0101)

AFC 1980/001:SR144:  One 7-inch tape containing songs composed and sung by Kandeda Montgomery of Fort Defiance, Arizona, including "Fight We Must" and "Liberty." (10 minutes; RXB 0102)

AFC 1980/001:SR145-148:  Four 7-inch tapes containing interviews with American Vietnam War deserters conducted by Will Hoffmann of Radio McGill.  Recorded in Montreal, Canada.  (2 hours; RXB 0103-0106)

AFC 1980/001:SR153:  One 7-inch tape containing Stephen Texas Moon Argo of Galveston, Texas, discussing why he deserted the U.S. Marine Corps in 1968, and singing six anti-war songs.  (35 minutes; RXB 0111)

AFC 1980/014: Art Thieme / John F. Kennedy Song Project
Copies of 42 commercially-recorded songs relating to John F. Kennedy and John Glenn, and 72 songs relating to the presidency and assassination of JFK, plus one song regarding the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Sources of the songs include commercial recordings as well as live performances of both published and unpublished material. Letters as well as a manuscript containing text transcriptions as well as some commentary regarding the songs.

AFC 1988/005:  Lydia M. Fish / Vietnam Radio Programs Collection
One audiocassette of the radio programs "All Things Considered" (broadcast on National Public Radio, November 11, 1987) and "Rethinking Vietnam" (broadcast on Radio Smithsonian, 1988) that discuss the importance of radio and popular music to soldiers during the Vietnam War, as well as how folk music served as a medium for soldiers to share their experiences during and after the war. Donated by Lydia M. Fish. The collection includes a 1-page description.  (1 hour)

AFC 1989/012:  Lydia M. Fish / Bull Durham Song Collection
One audiocassette of songs of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and songs of "South East Asia" (S.E.A.) sung by James P. "Bull" Durham with instrumental accompaniment. Recorded ca. 1963 and July 1, 1971. The collection includes two manuscripts: "Songs of SAC" (16 pages) and "Songs of S.E.A." (99 pages). Donated by Lydia M. Fish. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

AFC 1990/005:  "In Country": A Concert and Symposium on the Folksong Traditions of the Vietnam-Era Soldier, July 13, 1989
Four 10-inch tapes, 21 black-and-white prints and negatives, and 4 videocassettes of "In Country: A Concert and Symposium on the Folksong Traditions of the Vietnam-Era Soldier," presented by the American Folklife Center.  Concert performers include Bill Dower and six Marines, Dolf Droge, James "Bull" Durham, Bill Ellis, Tom Price, Chuck Rosenberg, and Robin Thomas, with commentary by Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, Congressman Lane Edwards, and Alan Jabbour.  Symposium participants include Cecil Currey, Dower, Droge, Durham, Ellis, Lydia M. Fish, Toby Hughes, Jabbour, Harold Langley, and Rosenberg.  Recorded in Washington, D.C. at the Library of Congress, July 13, 1989.  The collection includes eight linear inches of manuscript material.  (6 hours; RWB 8776-8769)

AFC 1991/002:  In Country II: Soldiers' Songs from Vietnam
Two audiocassettes of a concert entitled "In Country: Soldiers' Songs from Viet Nam."  Performers include Saul Broudy, Chip Dockery, James "Bull" Durham, Bill Ellis, Lisa Ellis, Larry Heinemann, Sherry Hughes, Toby Hughes, Dick Jonas, Kathy Jonas, Tom Price, Chuck Rosenberg, and Robin Thomas. Recorded in Chicago, Illinois, at the Old Town School of Folk Music, by Lydia M. Fish, August 4, 1990.  (3 hours)

AFC 1996/010:  Roye Donald / "The Guys" and "Big Silver Bird" demonstration audiocassette
One audiocassette containing "The Guys" and "Big Silver Bird" sung by Roye Donald (Donald Lombardi), a veteran of the Vietnam War. Recorded in New York State, 1991. The collection includes one promotional black-and-white photo of Roye Donald, song lyrics, and a biographical report on the artist. (7 minutes) 

AFC 2001/001: Veterans History Project Collection
For information about this collection go to: // .

Manuscript Collections

"The Longest Year:  A Collection of Songs by Advisors and Civilians in the Vietnam War," a 50-page typescript collected and annotated by Brig. Gen. Thomas Bowen and Lydia M. Fish, edited by Lisa Harmon (Buffalo: Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project, October 1990). [located in the Vietnam War subject file]


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