b'Your Light Shines Bright Book Stack Ornament A blown glass stack of colorful hardbound books are hand painted anddecorated with glitter accents.21506128 $21.952021 Lyric Poetry OrnamentThere is something so hopeful about the holiday season. We celebrateOur annual ornament is inspired by a mural by Henry Oliver Walker,the solstice. We celebrate our religious holidays. We take the time towhich resides in the Great Hall. The ethereal figure that centersthe ornament holds a lyre.celebrate with each other.21506076 $24.95The lights, songs and shared stories are recurring symbols of ourMosaic Skylight Ornament This ornament takes its inspiration from skylights in the glass mosaic ceiling collective memories and our hopeful imagination, all tempered in lifeslocated in the Great Hall of our Thomas Jefferson Building. Enamel and pewter. reason. Each year culminates into another chapter that frames our21506050 $18.95collective narrative. More than ever, the season reflects our deepestHolly Ball Ornamentwishes, interdependence and the ever-present bright flickers of light Elegant golden scrolls filled with holly berries and leaves are presentedin enamel on this clear blown glass orb. Presented in a satin linedthat reside just beneath the surface in everyone. presentation box.21506129 $39.00Browse our 2021 Gift Guide, which is full of thoughtful gift ideas to helpMinerva Ornamentyou express fond sentiments that so often go unspoken. There are This glass decoration is evocative of the Minerva mosaicideas to celebrate family, friends, history lovers, bibliophiles and the by Elihu Vedder that resides in our Great Hall. 21506360 $24.00teleworkers in your life. Book Tree OrnamentWishing you a joyous season and healthy New Year! Genre-specific poems, adventures, fairy tales and MerryChristmas books stack to form this pewter book tree. 21506072 $15.00Symbol of Knowledge Ornament Celebrate higher learning with this festive satin fabricornament showing an open book, bunting andzardozi stitched torches. 21606087 $16.95Sunburst Guitar OrnamentA replica of the legendary violin bass guitar usedby Paul McCartney. Handcrafted from solid wood,with metal tuning keys. McCartney won theLibrarys Gershwin Prize in 2010.21506074 $19.99Great Seal OrnamentOur fabric ornament takes its inspiration from a muralthat decorates the ceiling in the Northeast Pavilion of theThomas Jefferson Building. Handmade with zardozi details.21506127 $23.95 Bookworm Santa OrnamentEach ornament is crafted by European artisansand takes seven days to create. Impeccablyhand painted details with a typewriter,lettered coat and a colorful stack of books.21306132 $69.95Cherry Blossom Ornament An image of the Library ofAfrican American Christmas Stories Winter Cards Congresss Thomas JeffersonBuilding is surrounded byThis collection recounts the Christmas experiences andPart origami art, part pop-up, these21406078 Angelcolorful cherry blossoms.cultural changes of everyday African Americans. The storieshighly detailed cards ring in the21406080 Snowflake21502050 $18.95address universal themes of love, religion and the existencesights of the season with fine 21406079 Doveof Santa Claus, as well as more somber topics such as design. Lined envelope included. Each $7.95 Vintage Globe Ornament racial injustice, violence, poverty and racial identity. A handsome Renaissance map isWritten by Bettye Collier-Thomas. Hardcover, 248 pages. rendered with authentic details such21119817 Reg. $19.99 Holiday Price $17.99 as brass finials and papier-mch. 21506040 $15.002 Library Exclusive | Made in USA | Americas Library loc.gov/shop | 1.888.682.3557 3'