About the International Summit of the Book

The Culture of the Book, The International Summit of the Book, Library of Congress, December 6-7, 2012, Thomas Jefferson Building

The 2012 International Summit of the Book, at the Library of Congress Dec. 6 and 7, begins what library leaders envision as an annual global meeting of minds to discuss and promote the book as a crucial format for conveying societies' scholarship and culture.

There, leaders in academia, libraries, culture and technology will debate and discuss the powerful and crucial form of information transmittal: the book.

The dialogue will continue at the 2013 International Summit of the Book, to be held in Singapore.

"Books in their many forms are nothing short of imperative to an informed democracy," said James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress. "The ability to read is the key to a good life and a functioning society. But the book itself – whether on paper or an electronic format – is unique in its power: this long-form presentation of a concept or story is the key to converting mere information into knowledge."

"The world's national research libraries collect, preserve and ensure access to knowledge and creativity," Billington said. "Through the ongoing International Summit on the Book, these institutions will further the expansion of wisdom and human understanding."

The Library of Congress is grateful to Newman's Own foundation for making the International Summit of the Book possible.