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Internships and Fellowships


Fellowships, internships, residencies, and volunteer opportunities open the doors of America's library to life-long learners from teens to retirees, providing unprecedented access to the Library of Congress' world-class collections and staff. View all Internships and Fellowships

Internship and Fellowship Programs (IFP) coordinates a portfolio of over 80 programs throughout the Library of Congress. Search this page to find volunteer opportunities and a wide range of applied learning and career development placements that advance the academic and professional pursuits of secondary school students, and emerging or established scholars from the higher education community.

These programs also engage inspired learners who are interested in working alongside Library of Congress employees to further the mission of the nation's oldest cultural agency and provide Congress and the American people with a rich, diverse, and enduring source of knowledge for the posterity of all. Your career can find a launching pad in the world’s largest library.

Apply in one of these categories:

  • Student/Intern: Applied learning to explore and strengthen career goals
  • Professional: Guided and independent research opportunities in your field of interest
  • Researcher/Fellow: Applied research that hones inquiry skills using LOC collections and primary resources
  • Volunteer: Unique and educational experiences throughout the institution