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Biography María Concepción Bautista Vázquez

María Concepción Bautista Vásquez. Photo credit: Juan Alvaro Avila Hernández

Maria Concepcion Bautista Vázquez is a Tsotsil writer and painter from the Tsotsil pueblo of Huixtan, Chiapas. From her youth, the creative arts were ingrained in Bautista Vázquez’s way of life; she has been painting, writing, and taking pictures for as long as she can remember. Art is her way of preserving the collective memory of her community, and she comments on indigenous cultural conservation and human rights protection throughout her work in all forms of media. She draws inspiration from the surrounding environment—cultures, worldviews, social themes, and views her work as a form of protest against the inequities faced by indigenous people in Chiapas. Bautista Vázquez’s most recent work is the 2017 collection, “Xch’olel osil balamil/Espirito de la naturaleza,” published by CELALI, Centro Estatal de Lenguas, Arte, y Literatura Indígena.

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