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Biography Cristina Pérez Martínez

Cristina Pérez Martínez. Photo credit: Juan Alvaro Avila Hernández

Cristina Pérez Martínez began her poetry career when she left Chiapas at 17 years old to pursue her studies. Far from home, she felt a deep longing and poured out her heart onto paper in her diaries. Eventually, her writings transformed into a natural poetic voice, and when she returned to Chiapas in 2001, she entered the poetry studio of master poet Javier Molina. Cristina’s work is expansive and dynamic, touching on gender, sexuality, feminism, community, and nature. Her poetry has been published in the books “Yisimtak ts’unubil, semilla y raices” and “Buch’u Shainoj li vitse ¿Quién habita esta montaña?.”

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