temporary ( open to all ) Data Analyst (Temporary)

  • Opening Date: April 8, 2019
  • Closing Date: April 26, 2019
  • LC Organization Unit: Office of the Chief Operating Officer
  • LC Organization Unit - Specific Office: Federal Research Division
  • Grade: GS-09/11/12
  • Series: 1412
  • Availability: Open to All
  • Duration: 6 months


The Data Analyst’s duties will focus on (1) improving existing methodologies and developing solutions to process and analyze large datasets, and (2) analyzing the statistical validity and integrity of existing research reports.


Designs and implements solutions for cleansing, combining, analyzing, and displaying large and disparate datasets using the R programming language. Uses advanced data management and analytical skills to create solutions and make recommendations to senior research staff. Troubleshoots issues with data aggregation, structure, and queries. Reviews data inputs and outputs and ensures accuracy of both. Makes recommendations to improve processes and procedures related to data cleaning, analysis, and display. Creates reports and visualization that can easily be interpreted and understood by researchers, project managers, and division leadership.

Reviews existing statistical datasets, study designs, and reported findings and determines research integrity, statistical validity, and practical significance of results. Determines the existence of bias, control issues, sample size consideration, confounding variables, and issues with correlation and causation. Findings are presented clearly and concisely in written form and concepts and methodologies are documented and provided to senior research staff.

Helps design and implement data collection where no studies currently exist. Uses best practices in design and collection of information to ensure accuracy and validity of results. Documents processes and procedures and provides written reports of results.

Able to work independently with little oversight, as well as collaboratively in a small team. Effectively communicates with team members, project managers, and division management. Works closely with senior researchers and interacts in a professional manner with managers and senior leaders within different agencies of the federal government.


Required (all grades): advanced proficiency in the R programming language/environment

Required (GS-09): Master’s degree in statistics, economics, or related field; or Bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics, or related field and three years of relevant experience

Required (GS-11): PhD in statistics, economics, or related field; or Bachelor’s degree with five years of relevant experience; or Master’s degree with three years of relevant experience.

Required (GS-12): PhD with three years of relevant experience, Master’s with five years of relevant experience, or Bachelor’s degree with seven years of relevant experience.

Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience and training sufficient in scope and quality to furnish them with an acceptable level of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position without more than normal supervision.

Interested Candidates should submit their resume and a short statement of interest to Kris Hassinger, [email protected] by close of business April 26, 2019. Applicant information will be reviewed and the top qualified candidates will be interviewed. The selection will be based on how well the candidates meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.