permanent ( open to all ) Library Technician (Vacancy#:VAR001188)

  • Opening Date: March 16, 2020
  • Closing Date: April 10, 2020
  • OPM Control Number: 562915000
  • Vacancy Number: VAR001188
  • LC Organization Unit: Library Services
  • LC Organization Unit - Specific Office: Preservation Research and Testing Division, Preservation Directorate.
  • Grade: GS-07
  • Series: 1411
  • Minimum Salary: $48,670.00
  • Maximum Salary: $63,267.00
  • Availability: Open to All

This position is located in in the Preservation Research and Testing Division, Preservation Directorate, Library Services.

This position reports to the Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division (PRTD), Preservation Directorate. The Directorate is responsible for the long-term, uninterrupted access to the Library's numerous and diverse collections through a variety of preservation programs. The incumbent provides assistance to PRTD programs and projects involving scientific analysis and research related to the preservation of collections; the development and maintenance of scientific reference collections; and the testing of housing and building materials used to exhibit, house, or store collections to ensure they meet current Library specifications.

WHO MAY APPLY: Anyone may apply - By law, employment at most U.S. Government agencies, including the Library of Congress, is limited to U.S. citizens. However, non-citizens may be hired, provided that other legal requirements are met and the Library determines there are no qualified U.S. citizens available for the position.

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