permanent ( open to all ) Metadata Librarian - (Vacancy #: VAR000094)

  • Opening Date: January 30, 2018
  • Closing Date: March 2, 2018
  • OPM Control Number: 489929800
  • Vacancy Number: VAR000094
  • LC Organization Unit: Library Services
  • Grade: GS-13/14
  • Series: 1410
  • Minimum Salary: GS-13: $96,970.00 / GS-14: $114,590.00
  • Maximum Salary: GS-13: $126,062.00 / GS-14: $114,590.00
  • Availability: Open to All
This position serves as the Metadata Librarian and reports to the Chief of the Integrated Library System Program Office (ILSPO) in the Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Library Services. ILSPO manages enterprise-wide systems in support of the Library's operations and mission to manage and provide access to the Library's collections. ILSPO staff collaborates with staff in all service units to manage projects; recommend, develop, test, and implement technology solutions that comply with the Library's established technical architecture and security requirements; support the creation, management, and distribution of the Library's high-quality descriptive metadata; and ensure integration within the Library's information technology environment.
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