permanent ( Open to All ) Printing Services Specialist (Vacancy#:VAR001927)

  • Opening Date: May 6, 2022
  • Closing Date: May 20, 2022
  • OPM Control Number: 652916300
  • Vacancy Number: VAR001927
  • LC Organization Unit: Office of the Librarian
  • Grade: GS-11
  • Series: 1654
  • Minimum Salary: $74,950.00 per year
  • Maximum Salary: $97,430.00 per year
  • Availability: Open to All

The Printing Services Specialist reports to the Chief, Design and Printing Officer of the Design Office, Center for Exhibits and Interpretation (CEI), Librarian’s Office. The Design Office is primarily responsible for planning, administering, directing, and coordinating the operations of the consolidated printing and duplication services at the Library of Congress (LC). The incumbent has diversified responsibilities of managing printing and duplication services through the lifecycle of the printing and duplication projects.  Appropriate policy and work guidelines are applied to the specific project.  Incumbent is responsible for communicating work to be accomplished; and ensuring quality of product, timeliness of completion, and reasonable cost to the agency.

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