temporary ( library employees only ) Program Specialist (Internship and Fellowship Program)

  • Opening Date: September 5, 2019
  • Closing Date: September 20, 2019
  • LC Organization Unit: Library Services
  • LC Organization Unit - Specific Office: Library Collections and Services Group Operations (LCSG)
  • Grade: GS-11
  • Series: 0301
  • Availability: Library Employees Only
  • Duration: 120 Days

This position will serve as the Interim Program Coordinator for the HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) and perform other duties as assigned. This position is located in the Internships & Fellowships Program (IFP), Library Collections and Services Group (LCSG) at the Library of Congress and reports to the Chief, IFP. The incumbent provides program leadership and support on routine and nmatters. The incumbent plans, executes and evaluates program-related activities and assignments that facilitate the overall mission of the IFP within LCSG. A knowledge of IFP programs will be developed by the incumbent as well as experience in providing a wide range of program planning and management skills. The incumbent will interface heavily with IFP staff members, colleagues throughout the Library to include leaders, interns/fellows and project mentors.

Interested candidates should submit the following document to express interest in this opportunity to the attention of Linda Morenus, at Internship and Fellowship Programs (ifp@loc.gov) by close of business September 20. Applicant information will be reviewed and the top qualified candidates will be interviewed. The selection will be based on how well the candidate meets the knowledge skill and abilities.


Interested candidates should first discuss this opportunity with their supervisor of record and submit the following documents to express interest in this opportunity. After determining with your supervisor how your current responsibilities would be managed should you be selected, submit the following:

1.  Your written expression of interest (No more than four pages total)

i.    Include a summary of your qualifications that make you a good candidate for this position
ii.   Include responses to the KSAs below that demonstrate how you already have these KSAs (at this point, before the detail)
iii.  Indicate your supervisor’s name, email and phone extension AND indicate if you have discussed this opportunity with your supervisor of record

2.  Your resume

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities-

KSA #1: Ability to Administer a Formal Program.** Provide planning, coordination for one or more programs in an organization. Must include: a) planning program activities and coordinating program schedule; b) developing program procedures and guidelines; c) evaluating program effectiveness

KSA #2: Ability to Communicate in Writing
.** Create clear and effective writing products and specialized documents in the following areas: 1) analysis/reports, 2) memoranda, 3) policies and procedures. May (but not required) include project plans. Written products require minimum revision.

KSA #3: Ability to Interact Collaboratively with Others.
Work well with others, including leaders and subject matter experts. This includes the following tasks/skills: 1) actively seeking others’ input and contributing own expertise, experiences, and capabilities, 2) dealing effectively with individuals holding divergent and/or opposing views, 3) relating well to people from varied and diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, age, educational and professional backgrounds, 4) showing understanding, mutual trust, and respect for others

KSA #4: Ability to Manage and Execute a Program or a Component of a Program Budget.
Plan and monitor budget and expenditures related to a program or component of a program.

KSA# 5: Ability to Self-Manage
Set well-defined and realistic work-related and personal development goals; display a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments on time; complete assignments with minimal supervision; is self-motivated to achieve; demonstrate responsible behavior and good judgement.

** Critical to the Position

NOTE: Potential applicants at the __9__level must have one-year time-in grade at the __9__ to be eligible to be temporarily promoted to the GS-11.


The desired start date will be September 30, 2019. This is negotiable.