permanent ( Open to All ) Section Research Manager - Science and Technology Policy (Vacancy#:VAR002798)

  • Opening Date: June 5, 2024
  • Closing Date: July 5, 2024
  • OPM Control Number: 794286000
  • Vacancy Number: VAR002798
  • LC Organization Unit: Congressional Research Service
  • Grade: GS-15
  • Series: 0101
  • Minimum Salary: $163,964.00 per year
  • Maximum Salary: $191,900.00 per year
  • Availability: Open to All
  • Telework Eligibility: Hybrid

This position is located in the Congressional Research Service (CRS), Resources, Science and Industry (RSI) Division.

The Research Manager leads the Science and Technology Policy Section of the Resources, Science, and Industry Division in the development of policy research and analysis relevant to congressional needs. Issues covered by the section include the policy and economic implications of science and technology policy including addressing the scientific and technical issues underlying federal policy decisions; policy for science, addressing the distribution of funding and policy decisions across the federal research and development enterprise; information and communication technology development and policy, including both public and private sector; policy for emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence and space flight; and the decisions and approaches of the federal science mission agencies.


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