permanent ( U.S. Citizens Only ) Visual Information Specialist (Vacancy#:VAR001882)

  • Opening Date: May 5, 2022
  • Closing Date: May 26, 2022
  • OPM Control Number: 652785000
  • Vacancy Number: VAR001882
  • LC Organization Unit: Congressional Research Service
  • Grade: GS-13
  • Series: 1084
  • Minimum Salary: $106823.00
  • Maximum Salary: $138868.00
  • Availability: U.S. Citizens Only

The Visual Information Specialist will provide leadership in the development of a wide variety of multimedia and graphics products, often requiring considerable originality, creativity, critical thinking, and an acute awareness of audience and functionality to effectively address each product's information objectives. The selectee will also advise managers and staff on the technical advantages and limitations of various formats, styles, media, and methods of reproduction; perform peer review of others' graphic design work; represent PUBGraphics at interdivisional and inter-office meetings; conduct outreach to promote the use of multimedia and graphic design services throughout CRS; and analyze and test the integration of multimedia and graphics products with CRS's publishing and web applications.

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