U.S. Citizen Presidential Management Fellows

  • General Website: https://www.loc.gov/hr/employment/index.php
  • Program Website: http://www.pmf.gov/
  • Hosting Service Unit: All Library of Congress
  • Program Contact: jobhelp@loc.gov
  • Interests/Areas of Study: Any including: Collections Conservation and Preservation; Business; Humanities, Art and Culture; Law; Library Information Science; Communications; Geography and Maps; Government and Business Administration; Information Technology; Policy Analysis; Public Relations; Cataloguing; Chemistry and Science; Copyright; Digital Stewardship; Education; Finance; Outreach; Program & Program Management; Research; Web services
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
  • Application Period: Annually
  • Application Notes: The acceptance of PMF applications will open over a 1 to 2 week period during the fall. Specific dates will be communicated via the PMF website listed above. External FAQ for the PMF program is available at the website listed above.
  • Compensation: GS 9 to GS 12
  • Academic Credit: No Credit
  • Available Benefits: Counts as federal service and includes: Transit; Health; 4 hours annual leave; 4 hours sick leave; basic life insurance
  • Program Duration: Long-term. 2 Years
  • Qualifications: Graduate; Doctoral
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Library of Congress Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is a two-year paid internship position intended for currently enrolled graduate, doctoral or law students who successfully meet the criteria as a PMF candidate