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A political commentator and journalist for nearly 50 years, Kondracke is a former executive editor and columnist for Roll Call, former executive editor for The New Republic, and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group from its inception in 1982. As a scholar-in-residence at the Kluge Center he researched and wrote a biography of Jack Kemp, co-authored with Fred Barnes, on Kemp’s congressional career and his influence on the Republican Party.

News Releases

Morton Kondracke Named to Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy
April 13, 2011

Lectures & Symposia

Jack Kemp: A Congressman Who Changed America
June 4, 2013

Jack Kemp, An American Idealist
May 24, 2012

“Jack Kemp and the Reagan Revolutionaries in the House”
Part I | Part II
March 6, 2012

Morton Kondracke at the 2015 National Book Festival
September 5, 2015

Selected Writings

Jack Kemp: The Bleeding-heart Conservative Who Changed America

Selected Works at the Library of Congress