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Biography Isabel Juárez Espinosa

Isabel Juárez Espinosa. Photo credit: Juan Alvaro Avila Hernández

Isabel Juárez Espinosa is a Maya Tseltal writer from Aguacatenango, Chiapas (Mexico). She began her creative career as an actress in 1987, first acting with puppets and later in person. She has been writing since 1990, exploring social themes and issues, concepts of race and ethnicity, and the problems associated with urbanization, such as alcoholism and addiction. She is a founding member of FOMMA, Fortaleza de la Mujer Maya, a Mayan women’s theater troupe and cultural/vocational center. Currently, Ms. Juárez Espinoza’s work focuses on preventing the loss of ancient Maya cultural traditions and reinvigorating a practice of taking care of the land and water, seeking blessing from nature, and using traditional incense and flowers. Her story, “Words of the Woman Jaguar,” is a feminist commentary on gender equality and the strength of the women in her community.

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