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Biography Lucianne Walkowicz

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Walkowicz is an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and the 2017-2018 Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/LOC Chair in Astrobiology. They study the ethics of Mars exploration, stellar magnetic activity, how stars influence a planet’s suitability as a host for alien life, and how to use advanced computing to discover unusual events in large astronomical data sets. Walkowicz is the founding director of the new LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program, an initiative to provide astronomy graduate students with training in advanced computing, and coordinates the community of science collaborations for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. As a scholar-in-residence at the Kluge Center, Walkowicz will work on a project titled “Fear of a Green Planet: Inclusive Systems of Thought for Human Exploration of Mars.” Read announcement

News Releases

Walkowicz Named Astrobiology Chair at Kluge Center
July 10, 2017

Selected Works at the Library of Congress