September 26, 2000 T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., and Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., to Discuss the Needs of Children at the Library of Congress on Tuesday, October 10

Press Contact: Audrey Fischer (202) 707-0022; Lissa Warren, Perseus Publishing (617) 252-5212
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Will future generations have the intelligence, emotional health, and moral compass to lead the world in the 21st century? America's most respected pediatrician, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, and its most influential child psychiatrist, Dr. Stanley I. Greenspan, give the nation a check-up on how we are raising our children in their new book, The Irreducible Needs of Children: What Every Child Must Have to Grow, Learn, and Flourish (Perseus Publishing). They will discuss their findings at 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 10, in the Coolidge Auditorium, Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First Street S.E. The event is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. For more information call (202) 707-1616.

In The Irreducible Needs of Children, Dr. Brazelton and Dr. Greenspan combine their years of clinical experience and research to create a blueprint for childcare in the new millennium. In doing so, they uncover the seven fundamental requirements of a healthy childhood, and evaluate how parents, teachers, policy-makers, and politicians are faring in their attempts to meet these basic needs.

T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., is Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Child Development Unit at Boston Children's Hospital. He is the author of many best- selling books, including Touchpoints, Infants and Mothers, and To Listen to a Child. His Neonatal Behavior Assessment scale is used worldwide, and his research has influenced the entire field of child development. Dr. Brazelton was one of 84 individuals honored as a "Living Legend" as part of the Library's Bicentennial celebration on April 24, 2000.

Stanley Greenspan, M.D., is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at George Washington University School of Medicine. His pioneering works, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, include The Growth of the Mind, Building Health Minds, and The Child with Special Needs.

The Irreducible Needs of Children: What Every Child Must Have to Grow, Learn, and Flourish, a 176-page, hardcover book, is available for $23 in major bookstores and through Perseus Publishing.


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