August 17, 2001 Copyright Office Announces New Search System

Press Contact: Craig D'Ooge (202) 707-9189
Public Contact: James P. Cole, (202) 707-6800

The U.S. Copyright Office announced today a new Web-based search method for finding copyright information about millions of books, music recordings, movies, software and other works. The service is designed with user-friendly features for first-time and occasional users.

Users can search copyright records dating back to 1978 in three categories: General Works, consisting of books, music, films, maps, and software; Serials, such as magazines and newspapers; and Documents, such as contracts, licenses, and wills that relate to copyright ownership. The service is an alternative to an older, Telnet-based system. Access to the copyright records is essential for enabling both the creators and users of copyrighted works to execute their rights and meet their obligations under the provisions of the copyright law.

"This new search system will better serve people interested in finding copyright information in our databases," said Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters. "It is part of our continuing effort to upgrade service to the public and make the records of the Copyright Office more accessible to a worldwide audience."

Members of the public may access the service through the Copyright Office Web site at

The copyright system has been a part of the Library of Congress since 1870. In addition to administering the copyright law, the U.S. Copyright Office creates and maintains the public record of copyright registrations and recorded documents, provides technical assistance and policy advice on copyright issues to Congress and executive branch agencies, offers information to the general public, and obtains copies of works for the collections of the Library of Congress.


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