November 15, 2001 Swiss Books Presented to Library of Congress

Press Contact: Craig D'Ooge (202) 707-9189
Public Contact: David Morris (202) 707-8491

The Library of Congress today received a donation of nearly 300 books from the Arts Council of Switzerland, Pro Helvetia. The ambassador of Switzerland to the United States, Christian Blickenstorfer, presented the books today to the Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, in a brief ceremony.

Comprising mostly works of contemporary literature, the donation reflects the fine creative output of Swiss writers in all four of the country's official languages -- French, German, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romanic. Many important titles in the areas of Swiss and European history and politics are also included. The European Division of the Library of Congress, in cooperation with the Swiss National Library, selected the titles to be donated.

In presenting the gift, Ambassador Blickenstorfer stated that the titles "reflect the intellectual and artistic vitality of Swiss writing and will be a strong addition to the already excellent Swiss collections at the Library of Congress." Expressing the Library's gratitude, Dr. Billington stated that "this gift from the Swiss Confederation is a fine example of the international cooperation and generosity that play such a vital role in maintaining the richness and diversity of the Library's collections."


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