October 18, 2002 Proceedings from Preservation and Security Symposium to be Published by the Library of Congress

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"To Preserve and Protect: The Strategic Stewardship of Cultural Resources," a 300-page volume containing papers by 22 recognized scholars, experts and professionals in the fields of preservation and security, has been published by the Library of Congress.

The papers, which explore the connections between physical security and preservation of the nation's cultural heritage, were presented at a Library of Congress symposium in October 2000 in conjunction with the Library's bicentennial celebration. The symposium, which was presented in affiliation with the Association of Research Libraries and the Federal Library and Information Center Committee, provided directors and administrators of libraries, museums and archives the opportunity to engage in dialogue on critical issues pertaining to the preservation and security of collections.

The book is organized into eight sections. The essay topics and authors are listed below.

Cultural Heritage at Risk: Today's Stewardship Challenge. "Stewardship: The Janus Factor" (Nancy M. Cline); "Learning to Blush: Librarians and the Embarrassment of Experience" (Werner Gundersheimer).

As Strong as Its Weakest Link: Developing Strategies for a Security Program. "As Strong as Its Weakest Link: The Human Element" (Laurie Sowd); "Developing a Plan for Collections Security: The Library of Congress Experience" (Steven J. Herman); "Creating a Culture of Security in the University of Maryland Libraries" (Charles B. Lowry).

The Big Picture: Preservation Strategies in Context. "Building a National Preservation Program: National Endowment for the Humanities Support for Preservation" (Jeffrey M. Field); "Safeguarding Heritage Assets: The Library of Congress Planning Framework for Preservation" (Doris A. Hamburg); "Taking Care: An Informed Approach to Library Preservation" (Jan Merrill-Oldham).

The Silver Lining: Coping with Theft, Vandalism, Deterioration, and Bad Press. "Picking Up the Pieces: The Lengthy Saga of a Library Theft" (Jean W. Ashton); "The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Art Theft Program" (Lynne Chaffinch); "The Silver Lining: Recovering from the Shambles of a Disaster" (Camila A. Alire).

Building the Budget: Promoting Your Program and Meeting Funding Demands for Preservation and Security. "Funding for Preservation: The Strengths of Our Past" (Nancy E. Gwinn); "Securing Preservation Funds: National and Institutional Requirements" (Deanna B. Marcum); "Strategies for Funding Preservation and Security" (James G. Neal).

Understanding Success: Measuring Effectiveness of Preservation and Security Programs. "Measuring the Effectiveness of Preservation and Security Programs at the Library of Congress" (Francis M. Ponti); "Measuring Environmental Quality in Preservation" (James M. Reilly).

Electronic Information and Digitization: Preservation and Security Challenges. "Preservation, Security, and Digital Content" (Carl Fleischhauer); "The Coming Crisis in Preserving Our Digital Cultural Heritage" (Clifford A. Lynch); "Electronic Information and Digitization: Preservation and Security Challenges" (Maxwell L. Anderson).

People, Buildings, and Collections: Innovations in Security and Preservation. "Making the Library of Congress Secure: Innovation and Collaboration" (Kenneth E. Lopez); "What Can We Afford to Lose?" (Abby Smith); "National Research Libraries and Protection of Cultural Resources" (James F. Williams II).

"To Preserve and Protect: The Strategic Stewardship of Cultural Resources"--a soft-cover book--is available in the Library of Congress Sales Shop for $23 (credit card orders: 888-682-3557) and for the same price from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954 (telephone 866-512-1800). Cite stock number 030-001-00182-2.


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