March 14, 2006 National Library Service for Blind and Physically Handicapped Receives Community Recycling Leadership Award

Press Contact: Donna Urschel (202) 707-1639
Public Contact: Jane Caulton (202) 707-0521

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) at the Library of Congress received the Regional Community Recycling Leadership Award for its outstanding environmental efforts in 2005.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a nonprofit public service organization, granted the award to NLS for recycling 20 tons of rechargeable batteries in the past year. A participant in the battery-recycling program since 2000, NLS collects the nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries used in its cassette book machines from 350 locations across the country.

Shane Thompson, RBRC regional recycling manager, and Linda Gabor, RBRC manager of marketing and media relations, presented the award to NLS Director Frank Kurt Cylke on March 3. “NLS is pleased with and proud of our efforts to recycle batteries,” Cylke said. “Our network members and volunteers have really gone the extra mile in this effort.”

Ralph Millard, RBRC executive vice president, said, “Because of groups like NLS, we are able to develop new and innovative ways to make it easy to recycle used rechargeable batteries.”

NLS administers the free library service that loans recorded and braille books and magazines, music scores in braille and large print, and specially designed playback equipment to residents of the United States who are unable to read or use standard print materials because of

visual or physical impairment. NLS administers the program through a network of cooperating libraries throughout the United States, in U.S. territories and to eligible American citizens residing abroad.


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