February 13, 2007 Charles Kupchan Named Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar

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Librarian of Congress James H. Billington has appointed Charles A. Kupchan, a professor in the School of Foreign Service and in the Government Department at Georgetown University, as the Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations in the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.

Kupchan, who starts his residency March 1, 2007, is the sixth scholar to occupy the Kissinger chair since the position was created in 2000 through the generosity of friends of the former secretary of state to honor him and emphasize the importance of foreign affairs.

While at the Library, Kupchan will research how nations become lasting friends and sustain this over time. He will focus on a number of questions. How do states escape geopolitical competition, succeed in setting aside actual and potential grievances, and conduct a relationship that precludes the prospect of armed conflict. This study of stable peace is intended to yield insights on how to manage systematic change in the international system as rising states integrate into both global and regional environments.

In addition to his teaching at Georgetown University, Kupchan is a senior fellow and director of Europe studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. During the first term of the Clinton administration, he was director for European affairs on the National Security Council (NSC). Before joining NSC, he worked in the U.S. Department of State on the policy planning staff. Prior to his government service, he was an assistant professor of politics at Princeton University.

His books include: “The End of the American Era” (2002), “Atlantic Security: Contending Vision” (1998), and “Nationalism and Nationalities in the New Europe” (1995). He has also contributed to many books and written numerous articles on international and strategic affairs. Kupchan received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and master of philosphy and Ph.D. degrees from Oxford University. He has served as a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs, Columbia University’s Institute for War and Peace Studies, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and the Centre d'Études et de Recherches Internationales in Paris.

The Kissinger chair program offers outstanding thinkers and practitioners a unique opportunity to pursue advanced research in the largest and most international collection of library materials in the world. Previous chair holders were Aaron Friedberg, Klaus Larres, Lanxin Xiang, Melvyn Leffler and James Goldgeier. For more information about these scholars, visit https://www.loc.gov/loc/kluge/fellowships/appointed.html.

Through a generous endowment from John W. Kluge, the Library of Congress established the Kluge Center in 2000 to bring together the world’s best thinkers to stimulate and energize public discussion, distill wisdom from the Library’s rich resources and interact with policymakers in Washington. The Kluge Center houses five senior Kluge Chairs, other senior-level chairs and postdoctoral fellows. For more information about the Kluge Center; visit www.loc.gov/kluge.


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