January 28, 2015 Seven New Members Added to ECIP Cataloging Partnership Program

Press Contact: Jennifer Gavin (202) 707-1940
Public Contact: Karl Debus-López (202) 707-6641

The Library of Congress announced today that it added seven new members to its Electronic Cataloging in Publication Cataloging Partnership Program in 2014, including its first digital publisher.

Since 2009, the Cataloging in Publication Program (CIP) has actively recruited libraries that are members of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (NACO and BIBCO) programs and have shown excellence in cataloging pre-publication galleys of U.S. imprints received at the Library of Congress. Partner libraries can focus on their own presses, specific publishers, or on subject or geographic areas of interest to their institutions. As a result of the program, the quantity of ECIP Cataloging Partners’ contributions has expanded the program significantly.

The Library added six new academic partners to the program in 2014: Arizona State University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, the New York University Law Library, the University of California, San Diego and the University of Texas, Austin. All the new partners are cataloging materials for their university presses. In addition, Arizona State University is creating pre-publication metadata for books on Native Americans, their history and culture.

In November the program expanded to include its first publisher, ProQuest, which creates significant collections of digital content used extensively by the library community. ProQuest will prepare pre-publication metadata for at least one major publisher and may add other publishers in the future. ProQuest will receive cataloging training provided by the Library of Congress to ensure that the metadata it creates for the items in its digital collections meets the highest standards of the Library of Congress.

In Fiscal Year 2014 partner libraries created pre-publication metadata for 6,377 titles, representing 13 percent of the total 50,040 ECIP items cataloged. The quantity of ECIPs cataloged by the partner libraries grew by 24 percent from Fiscal 2013. Currently, 24 institutions participate in the program.

Cataloging in Publication is a national program providing catalog records in advance of publication as a service to the nation’s libraries. It was developed at the Library of Congress in 1971. The Electronic Cataloging in Publication Program was fully implemented in 2003. Over the course of the past 43 years, the Library of Congress and partner libraries have created pre-publication CIP metadata for 1,723,407 titles. Approximately 95 percent of the print and electronic books the Library of Congress has received from the publishers through the program have been added to the Library’s general collections.

The new members contribute to CIP’s goal of leveraging members’ expertise to the benefit of libraries nationwide.

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