February 11, 2019 Librarian of Congress Names New Chief Copyright Royalty Judge and Interim Copyright Royalty Judge

Press Contact: William Ryan (202) 707-1940

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden today announced her selection of Judge Jesse Feder as the new chief copyright royalty judge and head of the Copyright Royalty Board. Feder will be replacing Chief Judge Suzanne Barnett who, having served in the position since 2012, will retire from federal service effective February 16.

"I am pleased to appoint Judge Feder to this important position,” Hayden said. “We are grateful for the expertise, insight and institutional knowledge that he brings from his years of service on the Copyright Royalty Board and in other posts at the Library of Congress and in the private sector. I also thank outgoing Chief Judge Suzanne Barnett for her dedication and able service over the last 7 years.”

Feder currently serves as a judge on the Copyright Royalty Board. A published author, he has more than 25 years of experience in copyright and intellectual property law, including as Director of International Trade and Intellectual Property for the Business Software Alliance, Acting Associate Register in the U.S. Copyright Office; and Legal Adviser in the Office of the General Counsel for the Library of Congress.

Feder received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University and his law degree from Columbia University School of Law, where he served as Managing Editor of the Columbia Law Review. He has also served as an adjunct professor of law at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan and John Marshall Law School in Illinois.

To fill the vacancy left by Feder’s appointment, the Librarian of Congress has appointed Richard C. Strasser interim copyright royalty judge on the Copyright Royalty Board. Strasser will serve for a period of six months, or until the Librarian fills the position permanently. The Library will be posting the position of Copyright Royalty judge within the next few weeks.

Strasser has been senior staff attorney on the Copyright Royalty Board since its inception in 2007 and previously served as an interim copyright royalty judge in 2012. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric, and an M.B.A. His graduate coursework included microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance. Strasser obtained a law degree from the University of Virginia in 1989 where he served as an editor of the Virginia Law Review.

Strasser has broad experience in economics and finance, including several years at the Securities and Exchange Commission. At the SEC, he served for a period as Attorney Fellow, focusing on market structure and derivatives. He has published articles dealing with economic and financial analysis.

“I extend my gratitude to Judge Strasser for being willing once again to serve in this important role.” Hayden said. “His service will enable the Board to continue its important work uninterrupted while we recruit a permanent replacement.”

Feder and Strasser serve on the Copyright Royalty Board alongside Judge David Strickler. The three copyright royalty judges are charged by statute with facilitating efficiency of transactions required by law between copyright holders and distributors (www.loc.gov/crb). The judges conduct proceedings between parties when the parties are unable to reach agreement on royalty terms, and facilitate distribution of royalties in concert with the U.S. Copyright Office.


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