July 20, 1998 Library of Congress Publishes Genealogical Research Source Book

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Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland: Sources for Genealogical Research, a 108-page guide, has been published to assist researchers who come to the Library of Congress or other large institutions with similar collections to research family roots in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. The Library's collection of local history and genealogical material for the British Isles and Ireland is second only to those genealogical holdings related to the United States.

Compiled by Judith P. Reid, head of the Library's Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, the softcover guide includes 425 bibliographical entries to categories of information such as Handbooks, Pedigrees and Family Histories, Bibliographies, Local History, Biographical Information, Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers, Personal and Geographical Names, Periodicals, and, for Scotland, Clans and Tartans. An author and title index supplements the bibliographical contents of the guide.

The references can be found in four chapters in the guide: one general chapter for sources of research in English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish genealogy. Because the records and published materials are often interwoven, reflecting the historical development of these cultures, there is some overlap in the citations in the several parts of the book. At the same time, some citations, which appear in only one section, may in fact be useful in all four subject areas.

A selection of black-and-white illustrations of coats of arms, heraldic signs and related images from the Library's collections adds interest to Family Ties.

Judith Reid, a historian by training, is a frequent presenter at national and international genealogical conferences, and she has published a number of books and articles on genealogical research. She is the 1998 winner of the American Library Association Reference and User Services Association Genealogical Publishing Company History Section award for "her extraordinary contributions to family research through lectures and special publications."

Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland is available for $5.50 from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. When ordering, cite stock number 030-001-174-1. Credit card orders are taken at (202) 512-1800 and fax orders at (202) 512-2250. The book can also be ordered from the Library's Sales Shop by calling (202) 707-0204; a mailing/handling charge of $3.50 will be added to the $5.50 cost of the publication.


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