July 9, 1999 Fact Sheet: Library of Congress Bicentennial Celebration Other Projects

Press Contact: Guy Lamolinara (202) 707-9217

Photo Contest. The Center for the Book and the American Library Association are promoting library use everywhere by involving all libraries in local photography contests. National winners will be announced in June 1999.

Performing Arts. The Music Division is commemorating the Library's Bicentennial through the commissioning and performance of music, dance and theater representing the breadth, diversity and significance of America's musical heritage. The concert series for 1999-2000 will reflect the sweep of American music history and include a broad range of musical styles, genres and subjects. The extensive program will feature American music as well as music brought to America.

Commemorative Stamp and Coins. The U.S. Postal Service will issue a commemorative stamp on the Library's 200th birthday, April 24, 2000. Also in honor of the Library's Bicentennial, two coins will be minted.

Publications. A publication, The Library of Congress: Two Hundred Years, will be a comprehensive, illustrated history of the Library, to be published in April 2000 by Yale University Press. The Encyclopedia of the Library of Congress will be an illustrated one- volume reference work containing topical essays and approximately 150 shorter pieces that describe the Library's major collections. The restoration of the 1897 Thomas Jefferson Building will be reflected in the new Guide to the Library of Congress.


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