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Packard Campus

Sony Music Entertainment

  • Deirdre McDonald, Senior Vice President, Global Industry and Government Affairs
  • Gil Aronow, Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs
  • Glenn Korman, Vice President, Sony Music Archives
  • Brian Garrity, Vice President, Corporate Communications
  • Jennifer Jacobsen, Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs

University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Samuel Brylawski, Expert Consultant to the National Jukebox Project; Editor and Project Manager, Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings (EDVR)
  • David Seubert, Curator, Performing Arts Collection, Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library
  • Jill Breedon, Editor, EDVR
  • Megan Muscolino, Editor, EDVR


  • David Giovannoni
  • Mark Lynch
  • EMI Music

Library of Congress

  • Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian of Congress for Library Services
  • Hope O'Keefe, Office of the General Counsel
  • The National Recording Preservation Board
  • Packard Campus for Audiovisual Conservation:
    • Patrick Loughney, Director
  • Project Coordinators
    • Gene DeAnna, Head, Recorded Sound Section
    • Dawn Frank, Head, Audio Preservation Unit
    • Caitlin Hunter, Head, Recorded Sound Processing Unit
  • Automation
    • Richard Thaxter
  • Curatorial Assistance
    • David Sager
  • Audio Engineers
    • Benjamin Harry
    • Bryan Hoffa
    • Brad McCoy
    • Brian Pinke
    • Patrick Smetanick
  • Audio Maintenance
    • William B. Haley, Jr.
  • Processing Technicians
    • Carla Arton
    • Brian Bader
    • Jeremy Bartczak
    • Daniel Blazek
    • Harrison Behl
    • Callie Holmes
    • David Jackson
    • Ryan Koonce
    • Maya Lerman
    • Laura Maddox
    • Adam Thaxter
    • Donna Washington
    • Celeste Welch

Jukebox Vendors

  • Reclaim Media, Seattle, Washington
  • Properly Sorted, Inc., New York, New York