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The following recordings featuring Anton Rubinstein are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Melody in F : Half and half Band Victor Military Band 1914-09-09
Composer Wanderers Nachtlied Vocal duet (contralto and tenor), with orchestra Geraldine Farrar; Ernestine Schumann-Heink 1913-01-17
Composer Voices of the woods Female vocal solo, with orchestra Elsie Baker 1912-06-04
Composer Asra Tenor vocal solo, with piano Mischa Ferenzo 1912-02-02
Composer Melody in F Soprano vocal solo, with string quartet and harp Frieda Hempel 1916-06-02
Composer Melody in F Cello solo, with piano Hans Kindler 1916-05-15
Composer Der Engel Vocal duet (soprano and contralto), with orchestra Geraldine Farrar; Louise Homer 1913-04-15
Composer Romance Instrumental trio Tollefsen Trio 1914-06-02
Composer Es blinkt der Tau Zither solo D. Wormser 1913-05-12
Composer Toréador et Andalouse Balalaika orchestra Balalaika Orchestra [i.e., Imperial Russian Balalaika Court Orchestra] 1911-02-20