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The following recordings featuring Gene Buck are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Lyricist Underneath the Japanese moon Male vocal solo, with orchestra Irving Kaufman 1914-08-28
Lyricist Some boy Female vocal solo, with orchestra Ada Jones 1913-03-05
Lyricist Daddy has a sweetheart and Mother is her name Female vocal solo, with orchestra Elsie Baker 1913-03-12
Lyricist I'm going back to old Virginia Male vocal duet, with orchestra Albert Campbell; Henry Burr 1912-01-05
Lyricist Luana Lou Male vocal quartet, with mandolin and orchestra Peerless Quartet 1916-03-06
Lyricist I left her on the beach at Honolulu Male vocal solo, with chorus and orchestra Harry Macdonough 1916-06-28
Lyricist I can live without you Female vocal solo, with orchestra Olive Kline 1913-07-08
Lyricist Gems from Follies of 1914 Vocal chorus and soloists, with orchestra Victor Light Opera Company 1914-06-04
Lyricist Hold me in your loving arms Female vocal solo, with male vocal quartet and orchestra Lillian Davis [i.e., Marguerite Dunlap] 1915-07-09
Lyricist Hello Frisco! (I called you up to say "Hello!") Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Alice Green [i.e., Olive Kline]; Edward Hamilton [i.e., Reinald Werrenrath] 1915-07-20