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We have collected some links that can help you get the most from your visit to the National Jukebox.

  • Playlisting: We’ve introduced a playlist function so you can compile your favorite recordings. Find out how to make, save and share your playlist in Playlist Basics
  • Glossary of Terms: If you’re not familiar with historical recordings, you might not know what “matrix,” “master,” and “take” refer to. Find out about these, and others, in the Glossary of National Jukebox Terms
  • Technology: It took a team of people – and a lot of technology – to digitize these recordings and make them available to play online. For a look at what was involved, see The Making of the National Jukebox.
  • Victrola Book of the Opera: The Victor Talking Machine Company published this book to help sell recordings. It summarizes the plots of well-known operas, lists the most popular vocal and instrumental selections from each, and includes photographs of performers in costume. We’ve digitized the complete 1919 edition of this book and linked to the recordings, so you can listen in context and compare different performances of the same work. See the Victrola Book of the Opera
  • Offensive Content Alert: Warning. The National Jukebox contains historic recordings that reflect the culture of an earlier era. Some of these recordings may be offensive. For more information, please read our Disclaimer