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This page provides examples of text commands that can be used with the Law Library of Congress chat bot. The chat bot should also understand variations of these commands and its vocabulary will increase over time as we add new responses. If you have any questions, please contact us through Ask A Librarian.  

Advance Healthcare Directives
-I want to make an advanced health care directive
-I want to make a living will

- I want to find a case

Civil Rights
My voting rights were violated
- I was turned away at the polling station
- I feel I have been a victim of sexual harassment

Constitutional Law
- I want to learn about the U.S. Constitution
- I want to locate a state constitution
-I want to learn about the history of the U.S. Constitution

Employment Law
-I would like to learn more about employment law
-I was not paid overtime

Family Law
- I have been sued for a divorce
- I want to sue for child custody
- I want to sue for child support
- My former spouse is not paying child support

Federal Statutes
- I want to find a federal statute

File a Lawsuit
- I want to file a lawsuit

- My house is in foreclosure

- I am interested in researching immigration law
-I am interested in researching asylum law

Landlord-Tenant Law
- My landlord is violating my lease
-My landlord does not maintain my property

Legal Drafting
- Type “appeal”, “motion”, or “complaint”

Lemon Laws
- I bought a car that is a lemon

Municipal Law
- My neighbor is making loud noise
-My neighbor is letting their dog out without a leash
-My neighbor is not maintaining their property
-My neighbor’s property is overgrown

Real Estate
-I’m looking for a deed
- I’m looking for a real estate form

State Statutes
I want to find state statutes

Social Security Disability
- I want to apply for disability

Wills and Probate
- I want to draft a will
- I want to probate an estate

Last Updated: 06/24/2019