Law Library Reading Room

Legal Topics

Find historical overviews and selected resources on current legal topics. 

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The Law Library receives requests for recommended resources on particular legal topics. These products range from a listing of resources by title to products which include PDF files of government documents. 

  • House Committee Compilations
    Selected Compilations and other congressional committee prints in the Law Library Reading Room reference collection.
  • Elections
    Listing of selected print and Web resources on the electoral collection and presidential elections.
  • Flood Hearings
    Alphabetical listing of titles with full-text PDF images of hearing transcripts.
  • Impeachment
    Bibliography of resources related to the legal issues surrounding presidential impeachment.
  • Presidential Nominations
    Topical guide to resources with full-text PDF images of hearings, committee reports and documents.
  • Women in Law
    Narrative guide to the Law Library’s materials related to women’s rights.

Last Updated: 12/31/2020