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Israel: Police and Ministry of Health Will Jointly Supervise Mandatory Quarantine for Designated Persons; Interactive Countrywide Coronavirus Exposure Map Posted

(Mar. 12, 2020) Israel’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has posted an interactive map of areas in Israel and the West Bank indicating places exposed to the coronavirus by patients in the 14 days before their diagnosis with the disease. The map enables Israeli residents to check the exposed places by address.

The MOH website also includes three forms to be submitted online to the MOH: Self-reporting of home isolation by those returning from abroad; self-reporting by those who have interacted with a sick person; and reporting on violations of home isolation.

The Israel Police announced that it would increase enforcement of quarantine requirements. In addition, on the evening of March 10, 2020 (Israel time), the Israel Police began storing, in police information systems, data on travelers returning to Israel.

Because of the significant increase in the number of Israelis staying in isolation across the country, the Israel Police have established a special joint task force in cooperation with the MOH that will include policemen and MOH inspectors under the command of a police officer. Their role will be to help enforce the isolation conditions in accordance with MOH guidelines by detecting violations and ensuring compliance. As of March 8, 2020, the Israel Police had reportedly launched nine criminal investigations for violations of isolation requirements. The police has further announced that it is continuing its intelligence and online surveillance

[i]n order to prevent the spread of rumors and disinformation (fake news), the purpose of which is to mislead and sow panic in the public. A special desk operating at the Investigations and Intelligence Division continues to monitor open intelligence and is acting to assist in efforts to enforce isolation through various technological means. …

The Israel Police will work with the State Attorney’s Office to enforce the law on anyone who chooses to ignore the Health Ministry’s instructions, causing by his/her actions, deliberately or by negligence, the spread the coronavirus and harm to public health.