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Italy: Decree Amending Regulations on Observatory for Fight against Pedophilia and Child Pornography to Take Effect

(July 6, 2020) On July 8, 2020, a regulation containing amendments to a 2007 ministerial decree establishing measures to protect minors from sexual exploitation and abuse and creating the Observatory for the Fight against Pedophilia and Child Pornography will enter into effect in Italy.

The new regulation, Decree No. 62 of April 15, 2020, primarily institutes structural and administrative changes to the observatory, whose function is to coordinate the activities of the Italian government in preventing and combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. Under the new decree, the observatory will operate under the Department for Family Policies, whose chief will preside over the observatory. The work of the observatory will be performed by representatives drawn from several ministerial units who have competence in matters pertaining to family policies, the national police forces, and national organizations working on the concerned topics. (Decree art. 1.1(c).)

The decree expressly excludes the compensation of its staff for their service, other than the reimbursement of expenses incurred for participating in necessary observatory activities. (Decree art. 1.1(d).)

The observatory prepares an annual technical-scientific report summarizing its activities and containing statistics and strategies for monitoring pedophilia in the country. This report, in turn, becomes a part of the annual report that the president of the Council of Ministers presents to the Italian Parliament.