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Sweden: Parliament Adopts New Rules for Electronic Communication with Courts

(Dec. 28, 2020) On November 4, 2020, the Swedish Parliament voted to adopt new legislation that will allow for the digital signing of certain court documents, thereby amending the Code of Judicial Procedure as well several other acts, including, among others, the Act on Administrative Procedure, the Act on Court Matters, and the Land Code. […]

Italy: Supreme Court of Cassation Reviews Case on Time Limits to Challenge Arbitral Awards

(Dec. 15, 2020) On September 24, 2020, a panel of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) asked that a case involving the time limit for requesting nullification of an arbitral award be elevated to the SCC’s highest level (the Court’s United Sections) due to the complexity and importance of the issue. (Decision No. 20104 […]

Russian Federation: Newly Adopted Amendments to Insolvency Law Allow Some Citizens to Go Through Bankruptcy but Avoid Court Proceedings

(Nov. 25, 2020) On September 1, 2020, Federal Law No. 289-FZ on Amendments to the Federal Law on Bankruptcy entered into force. This law, which was signed by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on July 31, 2020, allows some categories of Russian citizens to declare bankruptcy while avoiding court proceedings and without paying […]

Great Britain: House of Commons Advances Bill to Limit Criminal Prosecution of Veterans for Acts Committed during Overseas Operations

(Oct. 7, 2020) On September 23, 2020, the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill received its second reading in the British House of Commons and progressed through to the Committee stage with a comfortable majority. The bill aims to provide certainty for Service personnel and veterans by protecting them from vexatious legal claims for […]

United States: Appellate Court Orders Dismissal of Palestinian Suicide Bomb Case on Procedural Grounds

(May 27, 2020) On April 14, 2020, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit determined that civil claims against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization (the Palestinian defendants) by victims of a suicide bombing could not withstand a procedural challenge to personal jurisdiction. (Shatsky v. Palestine Liberation Org., No. 17-7168, […]

Singapore: Singaporean Courts Hear Only Essential and Urgent Matters During COVID-19 Outbreak, Largely Through Zoom

(May 1, 2020) On April 24, 2020, Singapore’s chief justice announced an extension to June 1, 2020, of the period during which the courts of Singapore would hear only essential and urgent matters in order to slow local transmission of COVID-19. On the same day, the Supreme Court, state courts, and family justice courts each […]

Switzerland: Videoconferencing in Civil Trials Authorized due to COVID-19

(Apr. 27, 2020) On April 20, 2020, a regulation entered into force that temporarily amends Switzerland’s rules of civil procedure to enable the resumption of court proceedings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 Regulation Justice and Procedural Law (COVID-19 Justice Regulation) establishes general rules for the conduct of proceedings and temporarily allows the use of […]

Turkey: Court of Cassation Ruling Clarifies ‘Appeal in the Interest of Law’ Procedure

(Sept. 16, 2019) On February 14, 2019, the 11th Civil Chamber of the Turkish Court of Cassation issued a judgment clarifying the extraordinary appeal procedure “appeal in the interest of law” (kanun yararina temyiz). The judgment was published in the Official Gazette on August 22, 2019. “Appeal in the interest of law” is a procedure […]

Russia: Class Action Lawsuits Now Allowed in the Courts of General Jurisdiction

(Aug. 26, 2019) On July 18, 2019, the President of the Russian Federation signed into law a bill allowing class action lawsuits in the courts of general jurisdiction. The new law, the Law on Amending Select Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, July 18, 2019, also amended the Arbitration Procedure Code to allow individuals to […]