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This report surveys laws related to asylum granting procedures in 147 countries that are States Parties to the 1951 U.N. Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and/or its 1967 Protocol.  It identifies fees charged to applicants in connection with an application for asylum.  According to the research findings, the vast majority of countries do not charge a fee for applying for asylum.  Some countries require the payment of fees for obtaining the relevant temporary or permanent protection visa (Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand), although waivers or exemptions may apply. Other countries may charge more indirect fees, such as reimbursement of costs for food and accommodation in detention facilities (Czech Republic, Hungary), issuance of identification documents (Iran), translation of documents (Liechtenstein), a mandatory health examination (Russia), or reexamination of the petition (Switzerland).  For some countries, No definite answer could be provided because No legislation or other relevant information was located; for such countries the chart indicates “No information located” in the second column.  In some instances, implementing legislation was located but No information regarding fees was found; for these countries the chart indicates “No fee located” in the second column.  Countries that are States Parties to the 1967 Protocol only are identified by an asterisk. 

Full Report (PDF, 338KB)

Country Application Fee Amount
(national currency/US$ equivalent)
Exceptions or Waivers
(Yes/No; short description if yes)
Availability of Government Loan

Fee Amount for a Detained Applicant
(if different from fees for nondetained applicants)
Afghanistan No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Albania None       [1]
Algeria No fee located (the Office for Refugees and Stateless Persons is entitled to collect “chancery fees,” the amount of which is to be fixed in a table, which was not located) Yes; partial/total exemption from fees may be granted to indigent persons. No   [2]
Angola None       [3]
Antigua and Barbuda No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Argentina None       [4]
Armenia None       [5]
Australia AU$35/US$27
(if applicant entered the country on a valid visa, or if arrived illegally and applied for a protection visa before October 1, 2017. Illegal entrants who arrive or apply after that date cannot be granted a visa and must leave Australia).
A bridging visa may be granted to an applicant awaiting a decision on a protection visa. There is No application fee for this visa.
No No $0

(there is No fee “for an applicant who is in immigration detention and has not been immigration cleared”).




Austria None     [9]
Azerbaijan None       [10]
Bahamas No information located       No applicable legal instrument located


Belarus None       [11]
Belgium None       [12]
Belize No fee located       [13]
Benin No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Bolivia None       [14]
Bosnia and Herzegovina None       [15]
Botswana No fee located       [16]
Brazil None       [17]
Bulgaria None       [18]
Burkina Faso None       [19]
Burundi None       [20]
Cabo Verde* No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Cambodia No fee located (authorization for preliminary stay while claim determined is issued free of charge)       [21]
Cameroon None       [22]
Canada No fee for refugee protection application from within Canada.
Application processing fees for permanent residence for protected persons and Convention refugees:
Principal applicant’s processing fee, Can$550/US$427.58
Spouse or partner, Can$550/US$427.58
Dependent child, Can$150/US$116.61 (per child under age 22)
No exemption for permanent residency application, but exempt from paying “right of permanent residence” fee.
Person in Canada who has made refugee claim that has not yet been determined, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred who has applied for a work permit/ temporary residence permit, not required to pay application fees.
No   [23]
Central African Republic No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Chad No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Chile None       [25]
China No fee located       [26]
Colombia None       [28]
Congro, Democratic Republic of None       [29]
Congo, Republic of None       [30]
Costa Rica None       [31]
Cote d’Ivoire None       [32]
Croatia None       [33]
Cyprus None       [34]
Czech Republic None, but applicants for international protection placed in asylum facilities during application review must contribute to costs of food and accommodation No No No [35]
Denmark None       [36]
Djibouti None       [37]
Dominica No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Dominican Republic No fee located       [38]
Ecuador None       [39]
Egypt No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
El Salvador None       [40]
Equatorial Guinea No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Estonia None       [41]
Ethiopia No fee located       [42]
Fiji FJ$465/US$225
(for application or renewal of provisional protection permit or protection permit)
Yes—both the Immigration Act and associated regulations allow the Permanent Secretary (head of immigration department) to waive the fee. No   [43]
Finland None       [44]
France None       [45]
Gabon None       [46]
Gambia No fee located       [47]
Georgia None       [48]
Germany None       [49]
Ghana No fee located       [50]
Greece None       [51]
Guatemala None       [52]
Guinea None       [53]
Guinea-Bissau None       [54]
Haiti No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Honduras None       [55]
Hungary None, but law requires police to detain all asylum-seekers in designated facilities and makes them pay detention costs No No No [56]
Iceland None       [57]
Iran Average cost for family of five for initial Amayesh (registered refugee) cards and their renewal (latest information available): IRR12,321,000/US$413 Yes.
Certain vulnerable categories of refugees reportedly exempted, including families with more than 8 members, elderly and disabled persons, single women with children younger than 15, orphans, children of Iranian widows, and single women and girls older than 18.
No   [58]
Ireland None       [59]
Israel None       [60]
Italy None       [61]
Jamaica No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Japan None       [63]
Kazakhstan None       [64]
Kenya No fee located. Applicable law requires that asylum-seeker ID be issued free of charge.       [65]
Kyrgyzstan None       [66]
Latvia None       [67]
Lesotho No fee located       [68]
Liberia No fee located       [69]
Liechtenstein None, but fee may be charged for translation of foreign documents needed for application if translation is done by the Liechtenstein Office of Alien and Passport Affairs itself and the applicant has sufficient financial means. No No   [70]
Lithuania None       [71]
Luxembourg None       [72]
Madagascar No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Malawi No fee located       [73]
Mali None       [74]
Malta None       [75]
Mauritania No fee located       [76]
Mexico None       [77]
Monaco None       [78]
Montenegro None       [79]
Morocco No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Mozambique None       [80]
Namibia No fee located       [81]
Nauru None       [82]
Netherlands None       [83]
New Zealand No fee for making a claim for refugee or protection status.
Claimants normally granted a 6-month visitor visa (Refugee Claimant Visitor Visa) while claim is processed, with application fees of NZ$165/US$114 (online) or NZ$184/US$127 (paper).
Claimants may be granted a special temporary work visa while they await a decision on their status.
There is no application fee for a Child of a Refugee Claimant Student Visa.
Yes; an immigration officer may waive visitor visa or special work visa application fees.
Claimants, refugees, and protected persons are exempt from paying the immigration levy.
No   [84]
Nicaragua None       [89]
Niger None       [90]
Nigeria No fee located       [91]
Norway None       [92]
Panama None       [93]
Papua New Guinea None       [94]
Paraguay None       [95]
Peru None       [96]
Philippines No fee located       [97]
Poland None       [98]


Portugal None       [99]
Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of None       [100]
Moldova None       [101]
Romania None       [102]
Russian Federation No fee charged for temporary asylum or refugee applications for applicant and family members, but all petitioners required to undergo mandatory medical examination the exact price of which is established by regional authorities--typically about US$60. No No No [103]
Rwanda None       [104]
Samoa No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Sao Tome and Principe No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Senegal None       [105]
Serbia None       [106]
Seychelles No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Sierra Leone No fee located       [107]
Slovakia None       [108]
Slovenia None       [109]
Solomon Islands None       [110]
Somalia No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
South Africa None       [111]
South Korea None       [112]
Spain None       [113]
St. Kitts and Nevis No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
St. Vincent and the Grenadines No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Sudan No fee located       [115]
Suriname No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Swaziland No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Sweden None       [116]
Switzerland No fee for first application. Fee of CHF600 (US$610) for re-examination and multiple applications. Fee may be increased by up to 50% if case is particularly difficult or complex. Yes. Waiver if applicant is indigent and the application does not appear prima facie without merit (cumulative grounds) No   [117]
Tajikistan None       [118]
Tanzania, United Republic of No fee located       [119]
Timor-Leste No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Togo None       [120]
Trinidad and Tobago No information located       [121]
Tunisia No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Turkey None       [122]
Turkmenistan None       [123]
Tuvalu No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Uganda No fee located       [124]
Ukraine None       [125]
United Kingdom None       [126]
Uruguay No fee located       [127]
Vatican City/ Holy See No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Venezuela* None       [128]
Yemen No information located       No applicable legal instrument located
Zambia No fee located       [129]
Zimbabwe No fee located       [130]

* Signatory to 1967 Protocol only.

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Prepared by the Staff of the Global Legal Research Directorate
December 2017

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