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Part IV. Bibliography

Following is a brief list of selected articles and monographs, published mostly in the last five years, related to the topic of children raised in prison with their incarcerated mothers:

Alejos, Marlene.  Babies and Small Children Residing in Prisons.  Quaker United Nations Offices (QUNO), Mar. 2005.  Available at and%20small%20children%20residing%20in%20prisons.pdf.

Bartels, Lorana & Antonette Gaffney.  Good Practice in Women’s Prisons: A Literature Review. AIC Reports Technical and Background Paper 41, 2011.  Available at

Children of Incarcerated Parents: A Handbook for Researchers and Practitioners.  J. Mark Eddy & Julie Poehlmann eds., Washington, D.C.: Urban Institute Press, 2010.  xvi, 368 pp.  Bibliographic record at

Day of General Discussion 2011 [Sept. 30]: Children of Incarcerated Parents.  Child Rights International Network.  Available at (last visited Aug. 4, 2014).

A Historical Review of Mother and Child Programs for Incarcerated Women.  89 The Prison Journal 35S-53S (Mar.  1, 2009).  Abstract available at

The annexes provide information on women’s prisons in countries around the world.

Mason-White, Holly & Helen F. Kearney.  Children of Prisoners and (Alleged) Offenders: Draft Framework for Decision-Making.  Quaker United Nations Office, Mar. 2012.  Available at

Robertson, Oliver.  Collateral Convicts: Children of Incarcerated Parents, Recommendations and Good Practice from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion 2011.  Mar. 2012.  Available at

Appendix 2 of the paper (pp. 74–76) provides a table on “Babies and Children Living in Prison – Age Limits and Policies Around the World,” based on data collected from 1994–2011.

Tomkin, Jean. Orphans of Justice, in Search of the Best Interests of the Child When a Parent Is Imprisoned: A Legal Analysis.  Quaker United Nations Office, Aug. 2009.  Available at Justice.pdf.

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Walmsley, Roy.  World Female Imprisonment List.  International Centre for Prison Studies, 2d ed. 2012.  Available at

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July 2014

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