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 The German Federal Constitutional Court (FCC), the Bundes-Verfassungs-Gericht (BVerfG), provides online English translations of some of its rulings and also publishes press releases online that give a detailed summary of some rulings dating back to 2003.  A mixture of decisions and press releases issued in English over the last few years is available online:

A number of earlier BVerfG decisions posted online in English translation can be found on the website of the Centre for German Legal Information, at; the Institute of Transnational Law of the University of Texas at Austin, at; and the German Law Archive, at, among other sources.

The twenty cases listed below were selected chiefly on the basis of their availability in English translation on the FCC website; chronological variety (to span 2000–2014), and their inclusion in the Kommers and Miller monograph cited below, which contains large segments of texts from the decisions, and/or in the German Law Journal.

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Last Updated: 06/09/2015