Photo of page from Serial Set, open book. Text reads "Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress"

The U.S. Congressional Serial Set, commonly known as the Serial Set, is a compilation of journals, reports, and documents from House and Senate proceedings as well as documents from executive departments and independent agencies. In addition to providing context for the federal legislative process, the Serial Set is a useful resource for understanding issues that have been investigated by Congress throughout history, including the geographical expansion of the United States, the nature of international affairs, national museum acquisitions, and much more. The Law Library of Congress and the Government Publishing Office are collaborating to digitize Serial Set documents published between the 15th (1817) and 103rd (1994) Congresses, thus making accessible two centuries' worth of American legislative history.

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  • The City of Washington: From the Serial Set by Elina Lee, Law Library of Congress. This Story Map provides a short introduction of U.S. Congressional Serial Set and original resources of Washington D.C. plans. It also covers unique pictures of Washington D.C. history including maps, bills, illustrations, etc. A CSV file of mapped data associated with this Story Map can be found here.

  • City Sketches and the Census by Bailey DeSimone, Law Library of Congress. This Story Map provides an interactive look at several of the city profiles documented in the United States 1880 Census, as published in the United States Congressional Serial Set. This downloadable CSV file provides the mapped data in this Story Map.

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Last Updated: 12/30/2020