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A Practical Guide to Document Authentication: Legalization of Notarized and Certified Documents (1984) by John P. Sinnott - GLIC ID: 39

A dual approach to ocean governance : the cases of zonal and integrated management in international law of the sea. (c2008.) by Tanaka, Yoshifumi. - GLIC ID: 788

A global view of business insolvency systems (c2010.) by Jay Lawrence Westbrook - GLIC ID: 320

A simple common lawyer : essays in honour of Michael Taggart / edited by David Dyzenhaus, Murray Hunt, and Grant Huscroft. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 948

A sourcebook on international human rights materials / Aphrodite Smagadi ; [transl. to Farsi by Reza Eslami]. (c2008.) by Smagadi, Aphrodite. - GLIC ID: 668

A world made new : Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2001.) by Glendon, Mary Ann, - GLIC ID: 1588

Aboriginal self-government in Australia and Canada / Bradford W. Morse. (c1984.) by Morse, Bradford Wilmot - GLIC ID: 944

  • Control Number: 85239937 (Call Number: K3247 .M67 1984).
  • Subject: Aboriginal Australians Indians of North America Aboriginal Australians Indians of North America
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, Canada
  • Publication: Kingston, Ont. :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Aboriginal societies and the common law : a history of sovereignty, status, and self-determination / P.G. McHugh. (2004.) by McHugh, Paul G. - GLIC ID: 946

Aboriginal title and indigenous peoples : Canada, Australia, and New Zealand / edited by Louis A. Knafla and Haijo Westra. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 932

  • Control Number: 2010459015 (Call Number: K3248.L36 A93 2010).
  • Subject: Indigenous peoples Native title (Australia) Indian title Aboriginal title Native peoples Autochtones Autochtones Maoris Autochtones Autochtones Maoris
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
  • Publication: Vancouver :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Access to asylum : international refugee law and the globalisation of migration control / Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen. (2011) by Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas. - GLIC ID: 1206

Accommodating cultural diversity / edited by Stephen Tierney. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1319

Accountability for human rights atrocities in international law : beyond the Nuremberg legacy / Steven R. Ratner, Jason S. Abrams, James L. Bischoff. (2009.) by Ratner, Steven R. - GLIC ID: 835

Acquisition and use of property by aliens in foreign countries / prepared by the staff of the Law Library ; Robert L. Nay, coordinator. ([1992]) - GLIC ID: 886

Adjudicating climate change : state, national, and international approaches / edited by William C.G. Burns, Hari M. Osofsky. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 321

Administrative law in a changing state : essays in honour of Mark Aronson / edited by Linda Pearson, Carol Harlow, Michael Taggart. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 648

Administrative tribunals and adjudication / Peter Cane. (2009) by Cane, Peter - GLIC ID: 266

Admiralty jurisdiction : law and practice in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong / Damien J Cremean ; with a foreword by David Steel. (2008.) by Cremean, Damien J. - GLIC ID: 762

Admission of commonwealth lawyers : a technical survey / by Campbell McLachlan. (c1991.) by McLachlan, Campbell. - GLIC ID: 871

Against the death penalty : international initiatives and implications / edited by Jon Yorke. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 849

Agreeing and implementing the Doha Round of the WTO / edited by Harald Hohmann. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 778

Agriculture in WTO law / edited by Bernard O'Connor. (2005) - GLIC ID: 1130

An introduction to comparative legal models of criminal justice / authors, Cliff Roberson, Dilip K. Das. (2008) by Roberson, Cliff - GLIC ID: 1187

Animal law in Australia : an integrated approach (2012) by Bruce, Alex - GLIC ID: 1072

Annual Review of Population Law (1992) by R. Boland and J. Stephan - GLIC ID: 34

Anti-Trust and Restrictive Business Practices (1983) by Julius J. Marke and Najeeb Samie - GLIC ID: 58

Anti-cartel enforcement worldwide / [general editors] Maher M. Dabbah and Barry E. Hawk. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 240

Antidumping law and practice : a comparative study (1989.) - GLIC ID: 1586

  • Control Number: 89020195 (Call Number: K4635 .A85 1989).
  • Subject: Administrative law and regulatory procedures, Budget, Economics and public finance
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, Canada, United States
  • Publication: Ann Arbor
  • Location: null

Art & law / editors: Bert Demarsin ... [et al.]. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 639

Ask no questions : an international legal analysis on sexual orientation discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (c2010.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 448

BNA International Environmental Reporter (1978) by Bureau of National Affairs - GLIC ID: 51

Basic documents on international migration law / by Richard Plender. (2007.) - GLIC ID: 1176

Beyond open skies : a new regime for international aviation / Brian F. Havel. (c2009.) by Havel, Brian F. - GLIC ID: 488

Bias challenges in international commercial arbitration : the need for a 'real danger' test / Sam Luttrell. (c2009.) by Luttrell, Sam. - GLIC ID: 201

Book of legal stuff / Joanne O'Sullivan, illustrated by Mike McCoy. (c2010.) by O'Sullivan, Joanne. - GLIC ID: 408

Border security in the Al-Qaeda era / edited by John A. Winterdyk, Kelly W. Sundberg. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 341

Bringing equality home : implementing the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women : CEDAW / edited by Ilana Landsberg-Lewis. (c1998.) - GLIC ID: 406

British and Canadian perspectives on international law / edited by Christopher P.M. Waters. (c2006.) - GLIC ID: 959

Calculation of compensation and damages in international investment law / Irmgard Marboe. (2009.) by Marboe, Irmgard. - GLIC ID: 267

Capital Formation and Investment Incentives Around the World (1981) by Walter H. Diamond, Dorothy B. Diamond - GLIC ID: 55

Caste-based discrimination in international human rights law (2007) by Keane, David - GLIC ID: 1087

Challenges to multilateral trade : the impact of bilateral, preferential, and regional agreements. (2008) by Ross Buckley, Vai Io Lo, Laurence Boulle, [editors] - GLIC ID: 1153

Changing contours of domestic life, family and law : caring and sharing / edited by Anne Bottomley and Simone Wong. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 265

Chase World Guide for Exporters (1981) - GLIC ID: 61

Child labour : a briefing manual. (1986.) - GLIC ID: 1284

Child labour in relation to compulsory education; a ILO report. (1951) - GLIC ID: 1283

Children's rights : a comparative perspective / edited by Michael Freeman. (1996) - GLIC ID: 1062

Children's rights and the minimum age of criminal responsibility : a global perspective / Don Cipriani. (c2009.) by Cipriani, Don. - GLIC ID: 371

China and international environmental liability : legal remedies for transboundary pollution / edited by Michael Faure and Song Ying. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 715

Choosing life, choosing death : the tyranny of autonomy in medical ethics and law / Charles Foster. (2009.) by Foster, Charles - GLIC ID: 350

Civil Appeal Procedures Worldwide (1992) by Charles Platto - GLIC ID: 38

Class act : an international legal perspective on class discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (2011) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney. - GLIC ID: 928

Climate change damage and international law : prevention, duties and state responsibility / Roda Verheyen. (2005.) by Verheyen, Roda. - GLIC ID: 1119

Climate law and developing countries : legal and policy challenges for the world economy / [edited by] Benjamin J. Richardson ... [et al.]. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 1118

Combating trafficking in persons. ([2009]) - GLIC ID: 260

Commercial Laws of the World (1976) - GLIC ID: 12

Comparative School Law (1990) by I. Birch and I. Richter - GLIC ID: 53

Comparative and international policing, justice, and transnational crime / edited by Sesha Kethineni. (c2010.) - GLIC ID: 439

Comparative constitutional process; cases and materials; fundamental rights in the common law nations, by Thomas M. Franck. ([1968]) by Franck, Thomas M. - GLIC ID: 1007

Comparative criminal procedure [by] Gerhard O. W. Mueller and Fre Le Poole-Griffiths, with contributions by John Ll. J. Edwards, Glanville Williams [and] Josephine Chi-Chung Wang. (1969) by Mueller, Gerhard O. W. - GLIC ID: 1479

Comparative labour law and industrial relations in industrialized market economies / editor, R. Blanpain ; [contributors], J. Baker ... [et al.]. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1171

Comparative perspectives on communal lands and individual ownership : sustainable futures / edited by Lee Godden and Maureen Tehan. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 262

Compendium of international migration law instruments / compiled and edited by Richard Perruchoud and Katarína Tömölová. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1174

Competition Laws of the Pacific Rim Countries (1988) by Julian O. von Kalinowski - GLIC ID: 56

Compilation of laws on the legal status of aliens. (1953-) - GLIC ID: 566

Computer forensics, electronic discovery and electronic evidence / Allison Stanfield. (2009.) by Stanfield, Allison. - GLIC ID: 352

  • Control Number: 2009482509 (Call Number: K2269 .S73 2009).
  • Subject: Computer crimes, Electronic evidence, Electronic discovery (Law)
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, United Kingdom, United States
  • Publication: Chatswood, N.S.W. :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Conflict of laws in the western, socialist and developing countries. [Translated from the Hungarian by Jozsef Decsényi]. (1974.) by Szászy, István, 1899-1976. - GLIC ID: 1026

Confronting animal abuse : law, criminology, and human-animal relationships / Piers Beirne. (c2009.) by Beirne, Piers. - GLIC ID: 388

Confronting biopiracy : challenges, cases and international debates / Daniel F. Robinson. (2010.) by Robinson, Daniel F. - GLIC ID: 362

Confronting cyber-bullying : what schools need to know to control misconduct and avoid legal consequences / Shaheen Shariff. (2009.) by Shariff, Shaheen. - GLIC ID: 794

Conservation on the high seas : harmonizing international regimes for the sustainable use of living resources / Simone Borg. (2012) by Borg, Simone. - GLIC ID: 1156

Constituting equality : gender equality and comparative constitutional law / edited by Susan H. Williams. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 319

Constitutions of Dependencies & Special Sovereignties (1975) - GLIC ID: 42

Constitutions of Nations (1974) by Amos J. Peaslee - GLIC ID: 43

Constitutions of the Countries of the World (1971) by Blaustein and Franz - GLIC ID: 41

Contemporary issues in international environmental law / Malgosia Fitzmaurice. (c2009.) by Fitzmaurice, M. - GLIC ID: 437

Copyright Infringement (1998) by Dennis Campbell, Susan Cotter - GLIC ID: 85

Copyright Laws and Treaties of the World (1956) - GLIC ID: 23

Copyright and electronic commerce : legal aspects of electronic copyright management / editor, P. Bernt Hugenholtz ; contributors Kamiel J. Koelman ... [et al.]. (2000.) - GLIC ID: 1325

Copyright and popular media : liberal villains and technological change / Trajce Cvetkovski, University of Queensland, Australia. (2013) by Cvetkovski, Trajce - GLIC ID: 1328

Copyright and the challenge of the new / editors, Brad Sherman, Leanne Wiseman. (c2012.) - GLIC ID: 1323

Copyright in the cultural industries / edited by Ruth Towse. (c2002.) - GLIC ID: 1324

Copyright in the developing countries / Commonwealth Secretariat. (1974.) - GLIC ID: 1334

Copyright infringement / Roman Espejo, book editor. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 409

Copyright law : a handbook of contemporary research / edited by Paul Torremans. (c2007.) - GLIC ID: 1331

Copyright law, digital content and the internet in the Asia-Pacific / edited by Brian Fitzgerald ... [et al.]. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 597

Copyright throughout the world / by Silke von Lewinski [editor] and international contributors. (c2008-) - GLIC ID: 177

Copyright, communication and culture : towards a relational theory of copyright law / Carys J. Craig. (c2011.) by Craig, Carys. - GLIC ID: 1332

Core questions of comparative law / by Bernhard Grossfeld ; translated by Vivian Grosswald Curran. (c2005.) by Grossfeld, Bernhard. - GLIC ID: 843

Corporate taxes, a worldwide summary. (1980-) - GLIC ID: 145

Counter-terrorism and the detention of suspected terrorists : preventive detention and international human rights law / Claire Macken. (2011.) by Macken, Claire. - GLIC ID: 1002

Crime, addiction and the regulation of gambling / edited by Toine Spapens, Alan Littler and Cyrille Fijnaut. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 504

Criminal evidence and human rights : reimagining common law procedural traditions (2012) by Roberts, Paul and Hunter, Jill (eds.) - GLIC ID: 1497

Criminal law conversations / edited by Paul H. Robinson, Stephen P. Garvey, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 381

Critical beings : law, nation, and the global subject / edited by Peter Fitzpatrick and Patricia Tuitt. (c2004.) - GLIC ID: 925

Critical perspectives on human rights and disability law / edited by Marcia H. Rioux, Lee Ann Basser, Melinda Jones. (2011) - GLIC ID: 1260

Cross border collateral : legal risk and the conflict of laws / general editor Richard Potok. (c2002.) - GLIC ID: 1022

Cross-border internet dispute resolution / Julia Hörnle. (2009.) by Hörnle, Julia, 1970- - GLIC ID: 691

Cultural heritage issues : the legacy of conquest, colonization, and commerce / edited by James A.R. Nafziger, Ann M. Nicgorski. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 676

Culture clash : an international legal perspective on ethnic discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (2011.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 927

Cyberthreats : the emerging fault lines of the nation state / Susan W. Brenner. (2009) by Brenner, Susan W. - GLIC ID: 837

DNA technology in administration of justice (2007) by Adhikary, Jyotirmoy. - GLIC ID: 1465

Daisy Miller: a study, Four meetings, Longstaff's marriage, Benvolio, by Henry James. (1883.) by James, Henry - GLIC ID: 1292

Damages under the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods / Bruno Zeller. (c2009.) by Zeller, Bruno. - GLIC ID: 741

Debates in family law around the globe at the dawn of the 21st century / edited by Katharina Boele-Woelki. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 524

Decentralizing industrial relations and the role of labour unions and employee representatives : 2006 JILPT Comparative Labor Law Seminar. (2006.) - GLIC ID: 830

Denying safe haven to the corrupt and the proceeds of corruption : enhancing Asia-Pacific cooperation on mutual legal assistance, extradition, and return of the proceeds of corruption : capacity building program (2006.) - GLIC ID: 1542

Detention of asylum seekers in Europe : analysis and perspectives (1998.) - GLIC ID: 1532

Developing key privacy rights / edited by Madeleine Colvin. (2002.) - GLIC ID: 555

Development law and international finance (2002) by Sarkar, Rumu - GLIC ID: 1080

Dictionary of international trade law / Raj Bhala. (c2008.) by Bhala, Raj. - GLIC ID: 268

Digest of Commercial Laws of the World (1966) by Lester Nelson - GLIC ID: 14

Digest of Intellectual Property Laws of the World (1975) by Lester Nelson - GLIC ID: 25

Directory of Legal Aid and Advice Facilities (1966) - GLIC ID: 5

Direitos ancestrais : direito à terra indígena no Canadá, Austrália e Brasil / Voltaire de Freitas Michel. (2010.) by Michel, Voltaire de Freitas. - GLIC ID: 945

  • Control Number: 2011355506 (Call Number: K3247 .M534 2010).
  • Subject: Indigenous peoples Indigenous peoples Indians of North America Aboriginal Australians Aboriginal Australians Indigenous peoples Indigenous peoples Human rights
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, Brazil, Canada
  • Publication: Porto Alegre :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Disability, divers-ability, and legal change / edited by Melinda Jones and Lee Ann Basser Marks. (1999) - GLIC ID: 1259

Diversity and tolerance in socio-legal contexts : explorations in the semiotics of law / edited by Anne Wagner, Vijay K. Bhatia. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 637

Domestic deployment of the armed forces : military powers, law and human rights / Michael Head and Scott Mann. (c2009.) by Head, Michael, LL. B. - GLIC ID: 219

Driving innovation : intellectual property strategies for a dynamic world / Michael A. Gollin. (2008) by Gollin, Michael A. - GLIC ID: 1168

Dual images : multiculturalism on two sides of the Atlantic / [edited by Kálmán Kulcsár, Denis Szabo ; with the collaboration of Péter Béndek]. (1996.) - GLIC ID: 1300

East Asian Executive Reports (1980) by S.M. Soble, Esquire - GLIC ID: 132

Eco crime and genetically modified food / Reece Walters. (2011.) by Walters, Reece. - GLIC ID: 1115

Economic justice and natural law / Gary Chartier. (2009.) by Chartier, Gary. - GLIC ID: 220

Education law and legislation : a bibliography with indices / Jordan T. Ville, editor. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 298

Effective judicial review : a cornerstone of good governance / edited by Christopher Forsyth ... [et al.]. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 194

Electronic consumer contracts in the conflict of laws / Zheng Sophia Tang. (2009.) by Tang, Zheng Sophia. - GLIC ID: 429

Employee share plans : international legal and tax issues / consulting editor, Paul Ellerman. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 651

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Worldwide (1988) by C. Platto - GLIC ID: 79

Enforcement of Money Judgements Abroad (1988) by P.R. Weems - GLIC ID: 78

Enforcing pollution control regulation : strengthening sanctions and improving deterrence / Carolyn Abbot. (2009) by Abbot, Carolyn - GLIC ID: 1228

Environmental justice and the rights of ecological refugees / Laura Westra. (2009.) by Westra, Laura. - GLIC ID: 389

Environmental justice and the rights of indigenous peoples : international and domestic legal perspectives / Laura Westra. (2008.) by Westra, Laura. - GLIC ID: 934

Environmental law and justice in context / edited by Jonas Ebbesson and Phoebe Okowa. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 646

Environmental law of armed conflict / Nada Al-Duaij. (2004) by Al-Duaij, Nada - GLIC ID: 1230

Environmental protection and human rights / Donald K. Anton, Dinah Shelton. (2011) by Anton, Donald K. - GLIC ID: 1231

Equality, dignity, and same-sex marriage : a rights disagreement in democratic societies / by Man Yee Karen Lee. (2010.) by Lee, Man Yee Karen. - GLIC ID: 164

Exchange Agreements and Exchange Restrictions (1989) - GLIC ID: 64

Expert evidence in the criminal justice process : a comparative perspective (2001.) by Meintjes-van der Walt, Lirieka, - GLIC ID: 1508

Exploring private law / edited by Elise Bant and Matthew Harding. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 963

Extradition : a treatise on the laws relevant to the fugitive offenders within and with the commonwealth countries (2002) by Bedi, Satya Deva, - GLIC ID: 1501

Extradition Laws and Treaties (1979) by I.I. Kavass and A. Sprudzs - GLIC ID: 71

Extreme speech and democracy / editors, Ivan Hare, James Weinstein. (2009) - GLIC ID: 1144

Family law in the world community : cases, materials, and problems in comparative and international family law / D. Marianne Blair ... [et al.]. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 273

Family law, sex and society : a comparative study of family law / Peter de Cruz. (2010.) by De Cruz, Peter. - GLIC ID: 393

Feminism and women's rights worldwide (2010) by Paludi, Michele A. - GLIC ID: 1094

Finding solutions for environmental conflicts : power and negotiation / Edward Christie. (2008) by Christie, Edward. - GLIC ID: 1063

  • Control Number: 2008927695 (Call Number: K3585 .C47 2008).
  • Subject: Environmental policy, Environmental law, Environmental law Environmental law
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, United Kingdom, United States
  • Publication: Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Forensic investigations and miscarriages of justice : the rhetoric meets the reality (2010) by Sangha, Bibi. - GLIC ID: 1454

  • Control Number: 2010534565 (Call Number: K5560 .S26 2010).
  • Subject: Criminal procedure, Evidence, Judicial review and appeals
  • Jurisdiction: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Publication: Toronto
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Forensic science in court : the role of the expert witness / Wilson Wall. (2009.) by Wall, W. J. (Wilson J.) - GLIC ID: 675

Framing the state in times of transition : case studies in constitution making / Laurel E. Miller, editor ; with Louis Aucoin. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 366

Freedom of religion : UN and European human rights law and practice / Paul M. Taylor. (2005) by Taylor, Paul M. - GLIC ID: 1213

From bondage to freedom : an analysis of International legal regime on human trafficking (2006) by Kinnu, Gunjan. - GLIC ID: 1102

From hot air to action? : climate change, compliance and the future of international environmental law / by Meinhard Doelle. (2005.) by Doelle, Meinhard - GLIC ID: 1120

Fruit of the poisonous tree : evidence derived from illegally or improperly obtained evidence (2010) by Mellifont, Kerri. - GLIC ID: 1543

Gender stereotyping : transnational legal perspectives / Rebecca J. Cook and Simone Cusack. (c2010.) by Cook, Rebecca J. - GLIC ID: 374

Gene cartels : biotech patents in the age of free trade / Luigi Palombi. (c2009.) by Palombi, Luigi. - GLIC ID: 303

General jurisprudence : understanding law from a global perspective / William Twining. (2009.) by Twining, William L. - GLIC ID: 640

Genetic resources, traditional knowledge and the law : solutions for access and benefit sharing / edited by Evanson C. Kamau and Gerd Winter. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 435

Genetic testing and the criminal law (2005) - GLIC ID: 1462

Global Regulatory Issues for the Comestics Industry (2007) by C.I. Betton - GLIC ID: 94

Global employee privacy and data security law / Morrison & Foerster LLP ; editors Miriam H. Wugmeister [and] Christine E. Lyon. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 307

Global intellectual property law / Graham Dutfield, Uma Suthersanen. (c2008.) by Dutfield, Graham. - GLIC ID: 599

Global intellectual property rights : knowledge, access, and development / edited by Peter Drahos and Ruth Mayne. (2002.) - GLIC ID: 590

Global issues in employee benefits law / by Paul Secunda, Samuel Estreicher, Rosalind J. Connor. (c2009.) by Secunda, Paul M. - GLIC ID: 519

Global issues in employment law / by Samuel Estreicher, Miriam A. Cherry. (c2008.) by Estreicher, Samuel. - GLIC ID: 424

Global issues in freedom of speech and religion / by Alan Brownstein, Leslie Gielow Jacobs. (2009.) by Brownstein, Alan. - GLIC ID: 753

Global legal pluralism : a jurisprudence of law beyond borders / Paul Schiff Berman. (2012.) by Berman, Paul Schiff. - GLIC ID: 1316

Globalisation and labour rights : the conflict between core labour rights and international economic law / Christine Kaufmann. (2007.) by Kaufmann, Christine - GLIC ID: 1060

Globalising justice for mass atrocities : revolution in accountability / Chandra Lekha Sriram. (2005.) by Sriram, Chandra Lekha - GLIC ID: 604

Globalization and animal law : comparative law, international law and international trade (2011) by Kelch, Thomas G. - GLIC ID: 1070

Group rights and discrimination in international law / by Natan Lerner. (c1991.) by Lerner, Natan. - GLIC ID: 977

Guide to Official Publications of Foreign Countries (1990) by S.I. Jover - GLIC ID: 140

Guide to foreign and international legal citations. Guide to foreign and international legal citations. (c2009. *) - GLIC ID: 705

Handbook of research in trans-Atlantic antitrust / edited by Philip Marsden. (c2006.) - GLIC ID: 340

Health care under international law and the laws of selected foreign nations ([1997]) - GLIC ID: 1090

Health law's kaleidoscope : health law rights in a global age / Belinda Bennett. (c2008.) by Bennett, Belinda. - GLIC ID: 270

Heaven forbid : an international legal analysis of religious discrimination / Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter. (c2009.) by Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney - GLIC ID: 526

Homicide law in comparative perspective / edited by Jeremy Horder. (2007) - GLIC ID: 1185

Honouring social justice : honouring Dianne Martin / edited by Margaret E. Beare. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 658

Human rights and the environment : cases, law, and policy / Svitlana Kravchenko, John E. Bonine. (c2008.) by Kravchenko, Svitlana. - GLIC ID: 895

Human rights controversies : the impact of legal form / Luke McNamara. (2007.) by McNamara, Luke. - GLIC ID: 499

Human rights for the 21st century : sovereignty, civil society, culture / Helen M. Stacy. (c2009.) by Stacy, Helen. - GLIC ID: 653

Human rights in the Commonwealth : a status report / edited by Purna Sen ; research by Jade Cochran. (c2008.) - GLIC ID: 290

Human security and non-citizens : law, policy and international affairs / edited by Alice Edwards, Carla Ferstman. (2010.) - GLIC ID: 413

Human trafficking : exploring the international nature, concerns, and complexities (2012) by John Winterdyk, Philip Reichel, Benjamin Perrin - GLIC ID: 1099

Human trafficking and human security (2009) by Anna Jonsson, editor - GLIC ID: 1127

Indigenous diplomacy and the rights of peoples : achieving UN recognition / James (Saʼkeʼj) Youngblood Henderson. (c2008.) by Henderson, James Youngblood. - GLIC ID: 731

Indigenous heritage and self-determination : the cultural and intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples / Tony Simpson on behalf of the Forest Peoples Programme. (c1997.) by Simpson, Tony. - GLIC ID: 1033

Indigenous peoples : self-determination, knowledge, indigeneity / Henry Minde (ed.) ; in collaboration with: Svein Jentoft, Harald Gaski and Georges Midré. (2008.) - GLIC ID: 938

  • Control Number: 2008459726 (Call Number: K3247 .I527 2008).
  • Subject: Indigenous peoples Self-determination, National, Indigenous peoples
  • Jurisdiction: Africa, Australia, Finland, Guatemala, Norway
  • Publication: Delft, The Netherlands :
  • Location: LL-STACKS

Indigenous peoples and the law : comparative and critical perspectives / edited by Benjamin J. Richardson, Shin Imai and Kent McNeil. (2009.) - GLIC ID: 235

Indigenous peoples in international law (2004) by Anaya, S. James. - GLIC ID: 1086

Indigenous peoples in international law / S. James Anaya. (1996) by Anaya, S. James. - GLIC ID: 1134

Indigenous peoples, the environment and law : an anthology / [edited by] Lawrence Watters. (c2004.) - GLIC ID: 937

Indigenous rights / edited by Anthony J. Connolly. (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 542

Indigenous rights and United Nations standards : self-determination, culture and land / Alexandra Xanthaki. (2007.) by Xanthaki, Alexandra. - GLIC ID: 933

Industrial Property Laws and Treaties (1978) by World Intellectual Property Organization - GLIC ID: 24

Insider trading and the twenty-four hour securities market : a case study of legal regulation in the emerging global economy / by Shen-Shin Lu. (c1999.) by Lu, Shen-Shin. - GLIC ID: 1277

Insider trading in Israel and England; present law and suggestions for new theories of liability, by Aaron Yoran (Jurkevitz). (1972.) by Yoran, Aaron. - GLIC ID: 1274

Insider trading in developing jurisdictions : achieving an effective regulatory regime / Wunmi Bewaji. (2012.) by Bewaji, Wunmi. - GLIC ID: 1280

Insolvency law in East Asia / edited by Roman Tomasic. (2006) - GLIC ID: 1135

Insolvency within multinational enterprise groups / Irit Mevorach. (2009.) by Mevorach, Irit. - GLIC ID: 737

Intangible cultural heritage and intellectual property : communities, cultural diversity and sustainable development / Toshiyuki Kono (ed.). (c2009.) - GLIC ID: 535