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LC Update for ALA

Robin L. Dale, Deputy Librarian for Library Collections and Services, Library of Congress

Service units, divisions, and offices within the Library have submitted the information in this document for reference by attendees at the American Library Association (ALA) LibLearnX event, January 21-24, 2022, and ALA Core Interest Group Week, March 7-11, 2022. This first-ever LibLearnX is being held virtually. The emphases of LibLearnX are on educational sessions and on public library service. In keeping with the LibLearnX focus, this document primarily covers organizational changes, initiatives of interest to public libraries and children’s library service, and technical processing. This document will be updated through the conclusion of ALA Core Interest Group Week.

View 2022 ALA Update Document (PDF, 320KB)

Library of Congress Virtual Exhibit Booth

The Library’s Virtual Booth manager is Michelle Spezzacatena.  The virtual booth is hosting a video, information about the Library, and the “swag” or giveaway items available via here:

Visit the Library of Congress Virtual Exhibit Booth Swag-a-Palooza