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The Adaptable Brain

The Adaptable Brain, published in 1999 by the Library of Congress and edited by Sherry Levy-Reiner, Volume 2 in the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain series. This paperback book consists of six papers from symposia sponsored by the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain Project between 1993 and 1995. The research described relates to the brain�s ability to adapt and to change its structure and function.

The book may be ordered from NIMH.

Discovering our Selves: The Science of Emotion

A limited number of copies of this executive summary of presentations from the LC/NIMH conference, "Discovering Our Selves: The Science of Emotion," May 5-6, 1998, is available. Single copies may be ordered or you can read the presentations here.

Neuroscience, Memory, and Language

Neuroscience, Memory, and Language, Volume 1 in the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain series, is no longer available.

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