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The Adaptable Brain

The Adaptable Brain, published in 1999 by the Library of Congress and edited by Sherry Levy-Reiner, Volume 2 in the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain series. This paperback book consists of six papers from symposia sponsored by the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain Project between 1993 and 1995. The research described relates to the brainís ability to adapt and to change its structure and function.

The book may be ordered from NIMH.

Discovering our Selves: The Science of Emotion

A limited number of copies of this executive summary of presentations from the LC/NIMH conference, "Discovering Our Selves: The Science of Emotion," May 5-6, 1998, is available. Single copies may be ordered or you can read the presentations here.

Neuroscience, Memory, and Language

Neuroscience, Memory, and Language, Volume 1 in the LC/NIMH Decade of the Brain series, is no longer available.

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