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  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Kitāb Mā lā yasaʻu al-ṭabīb jahluh Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    A well-organized medical treatment manual explains the evolution of the healing art in the Middle Ages. It is an abridgement of Ibn al-Baytar's "Kitāb al-Jāmiʻ li-mufradāt al-adwiyah," with some additions dealing with nutrition and medicine.

    • Contributor: Ibn Al-Kutubī, Yūsuf Ibn Ismaʻīl
    • Date: 1682
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    al-Dustūr / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Manual on pharmaceutics, including composition, preparation and use of medicines.

    • Contributor: Najīb Al-Dīn Al-Samarqandī, Muḥammad Ibn ʻal
    • Date: 1514
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Hādhā kitāb fatḥ al-tadāwī min jamīʻ al-amrāḍ wa-al-shakāwī / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    The text is a complete treatise on hygiene and diet and the art of preserving good health. It describes the nourishment of the parts of the human body as well as medical drugs. The text consists of six synoptic tables, each of which is divided into 16 parts. Fol. 1a-17b contain the introduction; fol. 18a-21a are blank. The rest of the book consists of ...

    • Contributor: Maghribī, Abū Saʻīd Ibn Ibrāhīm
    • Date: 17??
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Hādhā Kitāb al-Ṭibb al-jadīd al-kīmīyāʼī / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    The text is based on the medical and alchemical system of Paracelsus.

    • Contributor: Ḥalabī, Ṣāliḥ Naṣr Allāh Ibn Sallūm.
    • Date: 18??