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  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Lawrence Norrie

    • Contributor: Schmidt, G. Lewis - Norrie, Lawrence
    • Date: 1990-01-18
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Robert O. Blake

    • Contributor: Torbert, Horace G. (horace Gates) - Mason, James D. - Blake, Robert O.
    • Date: 1990-12-29
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with William C. Trueheart

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Gittinger, Ted - Trueheart, William C.
    • Date: 1989-03-17
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Douglas K. Watson

    • Contributor: Dunnigan, Thomas J. - Watson, Douglas K.
    • Date: 2000-01-10
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with John H. Kelly

    • Contributor: Stern, Thomas - Kelly, John H.
    • Date: 1995-12-12
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Lester E. Edmond

    • Contributor: Ewing, Raymond C. - Edmond, Lester E.
    • Date: 2001-04-24
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Ambassador Murat Williams

    • Contributor: Spector, Melvin L. - Williams, Murat
    • Date: 2010-00-00
  • Collection

    James R. Schlesinger papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, memoranda, writings, notebooks, subject files, appointment books, telephone logs, printed matter, photographs, and other papers chiefly concerning Schlesinger's service as U.S. secretary of defense and U.S. secretary of energy. Also documents his years as chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; assistant director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget, later U.S. Office of Management and Budget; and as director of strategic studies ...

    • Contributor: Schlesinger, James R.
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Harvey Feldman

    • Contributor: Dillery, Carl Edward - Feldman, Harvey
    • Date: 1999-03-11
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Michael B. Smith

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Smith, Michael
    • Date: 1993-08-25
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Ambassador Arma Jane Karaer

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Karaer, Arma Jane
    • Date: 2004-04-19
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Chester E. Beaman

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Beaman, Chester E.
    • Date: 1999-09-07
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Frank H. Perez

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Perez, Frank H.
    • Date: 2006-02-15
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with David G. Brown

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Brown, David G.
    • Date: 2003-01-28
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Wingate Lloyd

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Lloyd, Wingate
    • Date: 2001-02-01
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Joseph N. Greene Jr.

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Greene, Joseph N., Jr.
    • Date: 1993-03-12
  • Collection

    Brien McMahon papers, 1943-1952

    United States senator from Connecticut. Correspondence, clippings, addresses, public statements, articles, and bills and resolutions prepared by McMahon during his term of office as senator.

    • Contributor: McMahon, Brien
    • Date: 1943
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Mary Ann Stoessel

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Stoessel, Mary Ann
    • Date: 2003-07-09
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Franklin E. Huffman

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Huffman, Franklin E.
    • Date: 2006-01-30
  • Collection

    Adolph Caspar Miller papers, 1913-1947

    Economist, educator, author, and member of the first Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, proceedings, writings, reports, speeches, notes, press releases, printed material, memorabilia, and other papers relating chiefly to Miller’s service as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 1914-1936.

    • Contributor: Miller, Adolph Caspar
    • Date: 1913
  • Collection

    Burton Norvell Harrison family papers, 1812-1926

    Lawyer and private secretary to Jefferson Davis. Correspondence, diaries, reports, memoranda, manuscripts of articles, speeches, and books, and other papers of Harrison; of J. B. Harrison, lawyer and newspaper editor; Samuel Jordan Harrison, merchant; Mrs. Burton Harrison (formerly Constance Cary), author; Fairfax Harrison, lawyer and president of the Southern Railway; and of Francis Burton Harrison, lawyer, United States representative from New York, and governor ...

    • Contributor: Harrison, Burton Norvell
    • Date: 1812
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Henry Bardach

    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Bardach, Henry
    • Date: 1996-03-12
  • Collection

    Wallace Rankin Deuel papers, 1905-1971

    Intelligence officer and journalist. Correspondence, journals, writings, lectures, transcripts of radio broadcasts, scrapbooks, and other papers relating to Deuel's career as an intelligence officer during World War II with the Office of Strategic Services, as a journalist with the Chicago Daily News and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and as a foreign intelligence analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency.

    • Contributor: Deuel, Wallace Rankin
    • Date: 1905
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Interview with Ambassador Nelson Ledsky

    • Contributor: Stern, Thomas - Ledsky, Nelson
    • Date: 2010-00-00
  • Collection

    Oliver Freud and Henny Fuchs Freud papers, 1821-1993

    Papers of Oliver Freud, photographer, engineer, and son of Sigmund Freud, and Henny Fuchs Freud, artist and wife of Oliver Freud. Correspondence, subject files, writings, photographs, and related material pertaining primarily to the emigration of family members from Austria and Europe during the Jewish holocaust. Also features a transcript of Oliver Freud’s recollection of his father, Sigmund Freud.

    • Contributor: Freud, Oliver
    • Date: 1821