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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    George Washington diary, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available AMs written in the leaves of the 1762 Virginia Almanack. Topics include farming, horse breeding, and the management of Mount Vernon.
    • Contributor: Washington, George - Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1762
  • Book/Printed Material
    Gewandhaus Interior Print. Fronticpiece to "Wheat Autograph Album" (General).
    • Contributor: Wheat, Leo P.
    • Date: 18??
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Opinions of learned counsel.
    Opinions of learned council, 1681-1722 | Legal opinions on will cases, 1681-1721 | Series 8, volume 4 Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Title from Sowerby. The first part (p. 1-35) contain opinions of counsel relating to legal matters in colonial Virginia, dated 1681-1721; the next few pages are the opinion of Nathaniel Pigot [sic., Piggot?] of the Middle Temple, dated 23 November 1693-5 March 1721/2. The next group of leaves are in the hand of Sir John Randolph and contain reports of cases beginning ... Anno ...
    • Contributor: Randolph, John - Jefferson, Thomas - Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1722
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Legislative records, 1652-1660. The Jefferson manuscript.
    Virginia, Legislative records, 1652-1660, The Jefferson manuscript | Minutes of the Grand Assembly, 1652-1660, copied from Mercer's manuscript by Thomas Jefferson | Virginia Assembly, 1652-60, laws | Jefferson manuscript Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Title from Sowerby. Three separate manuscripts bound in 1 volume. The first ([42] p.) measures 30 x 10 cm, and is an index, written in a 17th century hand. The second ([34] p., with text on the first [21] p.), has the heading: Copied from Mercer's ms. by Th. Jefferson. The third (the single leaf at end) has text from a document, and states: ...
    • Contributor: Virginia - Randolph, Thomas M. (Thomas Mann) - Jefferson, Thomas - Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1808
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Miscellaneous records, 1606-1690. The Bland manuscript.
    Virginia, Miscellaneous records, 1606-1692, the Bland manuscript | Miscellaneous records 1606-1692, the so-called "Bland manuscript" | Virginia, 1606-92, Charters of the Virginia Company of London; Laws; Abstracts of rolls in the offices of State | Bland manuscript Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Title from Sowerby. Written in multiple hands. Contains the laws of 1639, 1642, 1652-1656, 1663, and 1666; and the charters of the Virginia Company. The compiler has numbered the pages of the bulk of the manuscript, excluding blanks. The final manuscript, measuring 25 cm, are abstracts of cases and records of the Council and Company. Sowerby attributes the final manuscript to R. Hickman. Richard ...
    • Contributor: Virginia - Bland, Richard - Jefferson, Thomas - Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1732
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Laws and orders concluded on by the General Assembly March the 5th 1623.
    first laws made by the Assembly in Virginia, anno MDCxxiij | Virginia, Laws and orders concluded on by the General Assembly, Mar. 5, 1623/1624 | Legislative Provincial Assembly. Laws and orders concluded on by the General Assembly. March the 5th, 1623 | Virginia, March 5, 1624, Laws and orders concluded on by the General Assembly Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Title from Sowerby. The docket title is annotated in the hand of Thomas Jefferson: This was found among the manuscript papers of Sr. John Randolph and by the Honrbl. Peyton Randolph esq. his son was given to Thos. Jefferson. The volume is bound with the text running parallel to the spine. "Copia test R. Hickman Cl Sec off": p. [7]. Richard Hickman's (Clerk of ...
    • Contributor: Virginia - Randolph, John - Randolph, Peyton - Jefferson, Thomas - Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1732
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Catalogue. Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Ms. Catalog of the library of Thomas Jefferson, copied at his request by Nicholas Trist. The U.S. Congress having acquired the library in 1814, Trist apparently worked from a copy of the printed 1815 Library of Congress catalog specially marked by Jefferson in order to restore, in place of its alphabetical arrangement of each subject category, the original order of entries that Jefferson preferred. ...
    • Contributor: Jefferson, Thomas - Trist, Nicholas Philip
    • Date: 1823
  • Collection
    Howard Dearstyne papers, 1911-1988 Architect, architectural historian, educator, and photographer. Correspondence, writings, lectures, exhibit brochures, art catalogs, artwork, and other papers relating primarily to Dearstyne's research on the history of the Bauhaus art school, the school's influence on the development of modern art and 20th century architecture, and two Bauhaus masters, Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
    • Contributor: Dearstyne, Howard
    • Date: 1911
  • Collection
    Matthew Fontaine Maury papers, 1825-1960 Naval officer and oceanographer. Correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, journals, speeches, articles, and other writings, notebooks, electrical experiment book, charts, and printed material relating chiefly to Maury's naval career, scientific activities and interests, service as a Confederate agent in England, and work as an immigration official for Southern expatriates in Mexico, and to the Maury (Morey) family.
    • Contributor: Maury, Matthew Fontaine
    • Date: 1825
  • Collection
    Matthew Stanley Quay papers, 1776-1949 United States senator from Pennsylvania (1887-1904). Correspondence, election materials, financial papers, genealogical information, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Quay's career in Pennsylvania and national politics as a member of the Republican party and the United States Senate.
    • Contributor: Quay, Matthew Stanley
    • Date: 1776
  • Collection
    Burton Norvell Harrison family papers, 1812-1926 Lawyer and private secretary to Jefferson Davis. Correspondence, diaries, reports, memoranda, manuscripts of articles, speeches, and books, and other papers of Harrison; of J. B. Harrison, lawyer and newspaper editor; Samuel Jordan Harrison, merchant; Mrs. Burton Harrison (formerly Constance Cary), author; Fairfax Harrison, lawyer and president of the Southern Railway; and of Francis Burton Harrison, lawyer, United States representative from New York, and governor ...
    • Contributor: Harrison, Burton Norvell
    • Date: 1812
  • Collection
    Frederick Joseph Libby papers, 1846-1973 Clergyman and pacifist. Diaries, correspondence, speeches and writings, and subject files pertaining to the career and activities of Frederick Joseph Libby, executive secretary of the National Council for Prevention of War.
    • Contributor: Libby, Frederick J. (Frederick Joseph) - Libby, Frederick J.
    • Date: 1846
  • Collection
    Arthur J. Morris papers, 1888-1976 Lawyer and banker. Correspondence, writings, scrapbooks, reports, photographs, and printed matter relating to Morris's career as a banker and his development of consumer credit in the American banking industry.
    • Contributor: Morris, Arthur J.
    • Date: 1888
  • Collection
    Fitz-John Porter papers, 1830-1949 Army officer and public official in New York, N.Y., and New Jersey. Correspondence, telegrams, reports, memoranda, writings, autobiographical and biographical material, maps, scrapbooks, printed matter, and miscellany largely concerning Porter's court-martial and cashiering out of military service during the Civil War and his later reinstatement and presidential pardon.
    • Contributor: Porter, Fitz-John
    • Date: 1830
  • Collection
    G.T. Beauregard papers, 1844-1883 United States and Confederate Army officer, engineer, railroad executive, and public official. Correspondence, scrapbooks, and military papers, including letterbooks, headquarters records, telegrams and dispatches, orders, endorsements, and rosters. The bulk of the papers, 1861-1865, relate primarily to Beauregard's career as a general in the Confederate Army, especially at Fort Sumter and Charleston, South Carolina; Manassas and Petersburg, Virginia; Shiloh, Tennessee; Corinth, Mississippi; and Atlanta, ...
    • Contributor: Beauregard, G. T. (Gustave Toutant) - Beauregard, G. T.
    • Date: 1844
  • Collection
    Nicholas Philip Trist papers, 1795-1873 Diplomat and lawyer. Family and general correspondence, letterbooks, memoranda, notes, reports, legal and financial papers, writings, clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating to Trist's tenure as U.S. consul in Havana and his role in negotiating the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending the Mexican War. Other topics include Trist's business interests, particularly his sugar plantations in Cuba and Louisiana; the establishment of the University ...
    • Contributor: Trist, Nicholas Philip
    • Date: 1795
  • Collection
    Joshua Coit correspondence, 1792-1798 Lawyer, state legislator, and United States representative. Letters from Coit to his wife Nancy, to his son Robert, and to Charles Bulkeley, all of New London, Connecticut. Most were written in Philadelphia while Coit served as a representative in the United States Congress from 1793 to 1798. Many of the letters are accompanied by typed transcripts.
    • Contributor: Coit, Joshua
    • Date: 1792
  • Collection
    William Wirt papers, 1802-1858 Lawyer, politician, U. S. attorney general, and biographer. Correspondence, writings, and printed matter pertaining to Wirt’s family and career as a lawyer, politician, and author.
    • Contributor: Wirt, William
    • Date: 1802
  • Collection
    Henry L. Abbot family papers, 1770-2001 Correspondence, memoirs, diaries, writings, photographs, legal and financial records, genealogical material, military records, printed matter, and mementos primarily documenting the professional and family activities of Henry L. Abbot and his family during the Civil War.
    • Contributor: Abbot, Henry L.
    • Date: 1770
  • Collection
    Alfred Carmon papers, 1859-1865 Union army soldier. Chiefly letters written by Carmon to his family in Sand Lake, N.Y., while serving with Company H, 169th New York Infantry Regiment, during the Civil War, describing camp life and skirmishes in Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida.
    • Contributor: Carmon, Alfred
    • Date: 1859
  • Collection
    Arthur Woods papers, 1884-1938 Police commissioner and military officer. Diary, correspondence, reports, notes, scrapbooks, clippings, and photographs chiefly documenting the service of Arthur Woods as New York City police commissioner, colonel in the Division of Military Aeronautics, United States War Department, and assistant to the secretary of war.
    • Contributor: Woods, Arthur
    • Date: 1884
  • Collection
    George Montfort Gilchrist family papers, 1854-1921 Correspondence, school records, literary and commencement programs, poetry, and Gilpin family genealogical material. Much of the correspondence is between Gilchrist, who served with the 3rd Indiana Cavalry in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia during the Civil War, and his wife, Mollie Gilpin Gilchrist; other letters are between Mollie and her brothers, Samuel J. V. B. Gilpin, of the 1st Indiana Cavalry, and E. N. Gilpin, ...
    • Contributor: Gilchrist, George Montfort
    • Date: 1854
  • Collection
    Samuel Smith family papers, 1772-1911 Army officer and statesman. Correspondence, letterbooks, military and political papers, and miscellaneous material relating to Samuel Smith's forty years in Congress, his military career, and the history and politics of Maryland. Includes papers relating to John Spear Smith, Robert Smith, and other Smith family members.
    • Contributor: Smith, Samuel
    • Date: 1772
  • Collection
    Daniel O. Drennan papers, 1775-1904 Military aide. Copies of correspondence, military dispatches, reports and other documents, as well as original letters, newspaper clippings, notes, architectural drawings, memorabilia, and printed matter collected by Drennan during his service as military secretary to Philip Henry Sheridan from 1865 to1888.
    • Contributor: Drennan, Daniel O., Approximately - Drennan, Daniel O.
    • Date: 1775
  • Collection
    Great Britain. Board of Trade records, 1682-1786 Government agency. Reports, correspondence, orders, instructions, commissions, and other material relating to British overseas trade.
    • Contributor: Great Britain. Board of Trade
    • Date: 1682