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    Shelby family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, legal and financial records, military records, genealogical data, and other papers relating primarily to Evan Shelby, soldier and frontiersman, and to his son, Isaac Shelby, soldier and political leader, providing a record of frontier life and political and economic developments in Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. The papers of Isaac Shelby document his activities during the Indian wars, Revolutionary ...
    • Contributor: Shelby, Evan - Shelby, Isaac
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    John Carvel Arnold papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Principally correspondence of Arnold with his wife, Mary Ann Arnold, during his Civil War service with Company I, 49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, relating chiefly to his views on the military situation in Virginia and Maryland (1864-1865), army rations and pay, the rebels, the Copperheads, family finances, and his wife's difficulties in maintaining a home and educating the children. Includes correspondence between Mary ...
    • Contributor: Arnold, John Carvel
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    George Brinton McClellan papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence; telegrams; memoranda; diaries; writings; notes; military papers; printed copies of speeches, articles, and books; McClellan family papers; scrapbooks; and other papers relating primarily to McClellan's Civil War service particularly in the Peninsular Campaign and Battle of Antietam, Md. Includes materials relating to his 1864 report on the U.S. Army of the Potomac; years as a cadet and instructor at the United States Military ...
    • Contributor: McClellan, George (George Brinton) - McClellan, Ellen Marcy - Minter, Joseph F.
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    Keidel family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Keidel family papers. Chiefly the papers of George C. Keidel, professor of romance languages at Johns Hopkins University and later an employee of the Library of Congress Copyright Office, including correspondence, annotations, and writings concerning his study of Aesop's Fables and other early works. Also includes letters (1861-1865) of Herman F. Keidel to his family in Maryland while serving with the 12th Virginia Cavalry ...
    • Contributor: Keidel, George C. (George Charles)
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    Ward family papers, 1831-1904 Family from Richmond County, Virginia. Correspondence, broadsides, songs, financial records, printed matter, and other papers of William Norvell Ward, Episcopal clergyman and Confederate soldier, and members of his family including material relating to the Civil War, Reconstruction, and social life and customs in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and northern Virginia.
    • Date: 1831
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    Samuel Smith family papers, 1772-1911 Army officer and statesman. Correspondence, letterbooks, military and political papers, and miscellaneous material relating to Samuel Smith's forty years in Congress, his military career, and the history and politics of Maryland. Includes papers relating to John Spear Smith, Robert Smith, and other Smith family members.
    • Contributor: Smith, Samuel
    • Date: 1772
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    John Glassford and Company records, 1743-1886 Mercantile firm. Ledgers, journals, daybooks, inventories, cashbooks, and letterbooks of the various mercantile firms in Maryland and Virginia representing or succeeding the Glasgow, Scotland, firm of John Glassford and Company in the Chesapeake tobacco trade.
    • Contributor: John Glassford and Company
    • Date: 1743
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    William Wirt papers, 1802-1858 Lawyer, politician, U. S. attorney general, and biographer. Correspondence, writings, and printed matter pertaining to Wirt’s family and career as a lawyer, politician, and author.
    • Contributor: Wirt, William
    • Date: 1802
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    Robert Carter papers, 1685-1828 Tobacco planter and iron manufacturer. Correspondence, memorandum books, account books, and religious writings relating primarily to the operation of Nomini Hall in Westmoreland County, Va., other Virginia estates, shipment of tobacco, the Baltimore Iron Works, and his affiliation with the Baptists and the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem.
    • Contributor: Carter, Robert
    • Date: 1685
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    Feamster family papers, 1794-1967 Members of the Feamster (Feemster) family. Diaries, notebooks, correspondence, financial and legal papers, writings, and miscellaneous material illustrating the activities of four interrelated families from 1794 to 1967 whose members were engaged in farming, the law, medicine, the military, politics, religion, and other pursuits in Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and Maryland. The collection also contains genealogical information about the Cary ...
    • Contributor: Cary, Charles William - Feamster, Claudius Newman - Feamster, Felix Claudius - Feamster, Martha Alderson - Feamster, Robert Cantrell - Feamster, Samuel William Newman - Feamster, Thomas L.
    • Date: 1794
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    Daniel Read Larned papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Chiefly letters written by Larned to his sisters and brother-in-law pertaining primarily to General Ambrose Everett Burnside's expedition to North Carolina. Includes descriptions of the battles of Beaufort, Fort Macon, New Bern, and Roanoke Island, N.C. Other subjects include the battles of Antietam, Md., and Cold Harbor, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Wilderness, Va.; and the sieges of Petersburg, Va., and Knoxville, Tenn. Larned describes the ...
    • Contributor: Larned, Daniel Read
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    Frank Alden Hill genealogical collection, 1627-1897 Lawyer and genealogist. Copies of legal and genealogical records, and pedigree charts and heraldic crests relating to the Hill, Lawrence, Townley, Stephens, and Hathaway families, from documents contained in American and European library and museum collections.
    • Contributor: Hill, Frank Alden
    • Date: 1627
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    Benjamin F. Butler papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, letterbooks, order books, reports, notebooks, newspaper clippings, charts, maps, photographs, and other papers concerning Butler's Civil War commands, service as U.S. representative from and governor of Massachusetts, and candidacy for U.S. president in 1884. Documents Butler's participation in military operations in Maryland, 1861; Fort Clark and Fort Hatteras, Outer Banks, N.C., 1861; Petersburg, Va., 1864-1865; and Fort Fisher, N.C., 1864-1865. Also documents his ...
    • Contributor: Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin)
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    John Leeds Bozman family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, writings, notebooks, family papers, scrapbooks, and other papers primarily of John Leeds Bozman, John Bozman Kerr, John Leeds Kerr, and other members of the allied Bozman, Goldsborough, Kerr, Leeds, and Richardson families. Documents political, legal, and financial developments in the early history of Maryland, particularly the Eastern Shore. Includes John Leeds Bozman's poetry, political notebooks and a scrapbook of John Leeds Kerr, John ...
    • Contributor: Bozman, John Leeds - Kerr, John Bozman - Kerr, John Leeds - Richardson, Daniel - Richardson, Ruth
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    Chandler B. Gillam papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence primarily with Gillam's wife, Sarah Larned, and his parents; diary; journal; writings; Gillam (Gilliam) family papers; photograph; and other papers relating chiefly to his Civil War service with the Twenty-eighth New York Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army. Includes correspondence, diary, and pension papers of the regimental clerk, W.L. Hicks. Also includes one broadside relating to Capt. E.A. Bowen's Civil War service with the twenty-eighth ...
    • Contributor: Gillam, Chandler - Collier, Ellen C. (Ellen Clodfelter) - Hicks, W. L. (Washington L.)
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    Alvah H. Granniss papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, including originals and typescripts of letters; a memoranda by Granniss about his Civil War service; poems and a song; envelopes; printed matter; artifacts; and other papers relating chiefly to Granniss's Civil War service with the 1st Connecticut Cavalary Regiment, U.S. Army. Consists primarily of letters from Granniss to his sister, Mary Ann Tuttle, and his parents, Henry H. Granniss and Louisa Granniss, and ...
    • Contributor: Granniss, Alvah H.
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    Florence Deakins Becker papers, 1891-1963 Nurse and volunteer worker. Correspondence, diaries, family papers, subject files, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, and other papers relating principally to Becker’s volunteer activities on behalf of various health and medical causes, especially the crusade against tuberculosis and cancer.
    • Contributor: Becker, Florence Deakins
    • Date: 1891
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    George Montfort Gilchrist family papers, 1854-1921 Correspondence, school records, literary and commencement programs, poetry, and Gilpin family genealogical material. Much of the correspondence is between Gilchrist, who served with the 3rd Indiana Cavalry in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia during the Civil War, and his wife, Mollie Gilpin Gilchrist; other letters are between Mollie and her brothers, Samuel J. V. B. Gilpin, of the 1st Indiana Cavalry, and E. N. Gilpin, ...
    • Contributor: Gilchrist, George Montfort
    • Date: 1854
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    Blair family papers, 1755-1968 Prominent family in nineteenth century national politics. Correspondence, speeches and writings, legal files, financial records, historical research files, printed matter, and estate records documenting principally the careers of Francis Preston Blair, journalist and presidential advisor, Frank P. Blair, soldier and politician, and Montgomery Blair, lawyer and cabinet officer.
    • Date: 1755
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    Lewis H. Machen family papers, Chiefly family correspondence of Lewis H. Machen, relating to personal matters and to national politics prior to the Civil War, especially slavery and the Compromise of 1850, and mentioning John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and Daniel Webster, together with other correspondence, speeches, writings, subject files, and other papers; correspondence of Machen's son, Arthur Webster Machen (1827-1919), lawyer, of Baltimore, Md., reflecting opinion ...
    • Contributor: Machen, Lewis H. (Lewis Henry) - Gresham, Leroy Wiley - Machen, Arthur Webster - Machen, Caroline Webster - Machen, Emmeline - Machen, James P. - Machen, Minnie Gresham
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    Daniel Read Larned papers, 1861-1878 Army officer and private secretary to General Ambrose Everett Burnside. Correspondence and other material concerning campaigns by the Union Army in North Carolina and Virginia and Burnside’s relationship with other generals.
    • Contributor: Larned, Daniel Read
    • Date: 1861
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    Blair family papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, speeches, lectures, writings, legal files, financial records, military records, biographical and genealogical material, printed matter, photographs, and other papers of Blair family members. Family correspondents include many members of the immediate Blair family as well as extended relations such as Mary Elizabeth Woodbury Blair, Gustavus Vasa Fox, Virginia L. Woodbury Fox, Elizabeth Blair Lee, Samuel Phillips Lee, Minna Blair Richey, and ...
    • Contributor: Blair, Francis Preston - Blair, Frank P., (Francis Preston) - Blair, Gist - Blair, Montgomery - Blair, Woodbury - Clapp, Charles Q. - Stevens, Samuel - Woodbury, Levi
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    Fitz-John Porter papers, 1830-1949 Army officer and public official in New York, N.Y., and New Jersey. Correspondence, telegrams, reports, memoranda, writings, autobiographical and biographical material, maps, scrapbooks, printed matter, and miscellany largely concerning Porter's court-martial and cashiering out of military service during the Civil War and his later reinstatement and presidential pardon.
    • Contributor: Porter, Fitz-John
    • Date: 1830
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    Gilbert Thompson journal,
    Gilbert Thompson papers
    Journal (1861-1864) of Thompson's Civil War experiences in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., while serving as a topographical engineer in the Engineer Battalion, U.S. Army of the Potomac. Includes later reminiscences; description of bridges, armaments, and firearms; and sketches and photographs of army officers and battle sites. Includes correspondence, laid in, of Nathaniel Prentiss Banks.
    • Contributor: Thompson, Gilbert

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    Nathaniel Prentiss Banks papers, 1829-1911 United States representative, governor of Massachusetts, and army officer. Family and general correspondence, diaries and notebooks, letterbooks, military papers, speeches and writings, scrapbooks, clippings, printed matter, and miscellany relating chiefly to Banks’s political career and as an army officer during the Civil War.
    • Contributor: Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss
    • Date: 1829