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    Fitz-John Porter papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, telegrams, reports, memoranda, articles, autobiographical, biographical and genealogical material, financial and legal papers, annotated printed matter, scrapbooks, maps, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Porter's court-martial and cashiering out of military service on January 21, 1863, as a result of his conduct during the Second Battle of Bull Run on August 29, 1862, the review by a board of officers, his reinstatement, ...

    • Contributor: Porter, Fitz-John
  • Collection

    Chandler B. Gillam papers, 1850-1919

    Soldier and farmer. Correspondence, a diary, a journal, a photograph, family papers, writings, and other papers relating chiefly to Gillam's Civil War service with the Twenty-eighth New York Infantry Regiment, United States Army. The diary, written by W. L. Hicks, documents the history of the twenty-eighth regiment of New York.

    • Contributor: Gillam, Chandler
    • Date: 1850
  • Collection

    Fitz-John Porter papers, 1830-1949

    Army officer and public official in New York, N.Y., and New Jersey. Correspondence, telegrams, reports, memoranda, writings, autobiographical and biographical material, maps, scrapbooks, printed matter, and miscellany largely concerning Porter's court-martial and cashiering out of military service during the Civil War and his later reinstatement and presidential pardon.

    • Contributor: Porter, Fitz-John
    • Date: 1830
  • Collection

    Frank Alden Hill genealogical collection, 1627-1897

    Lawyer and genealogist. Copies of legal and genealogical records, and pedigree charts and heraldic crests relating to the Hill, Lawrence, Townley, Stephens, and Hathaway families, from documents contained in American and European library and museum collections.

    • Contributor: Hill, Frank Alden
    • Date: 1627
  • Collection

    Frank Alden Hill genealogical collection, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Legal records, genealogical records, pedigree charts, and heraldic crests relating to the Chase, Hathaway, Hill, Lawrence, Stephens (Stevens), and Townley families. Records relate to inhabitants of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Virginia.

    • Contributor: Hill, Frank Alden
  • Collection

    W.W. Corcoran papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence, letterpress books, financial records, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Corcoran's business and banking interests and philanthropic efforts. Documents his involvement with the brokerage and banking firms, Corcoran & Riggs, Washington, D.C.; Riggs and Co, New York, N.Y.; Bank of America; and Wilson, Colston & Co., Baltimore, Md. Also documents his investment ventures in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ...

    • Contributor: Corcoran, W. W. (william Wilson) - Corcoran, Thomas
  • Collection

    W.W. Corcoran papers, 1791-1896

    Financier and philanthropist. Correspondence, letterpress books, financial papers, newspaper clippings, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Corcoran's business and banking interests and philanthropic efforts.

    • Contributor: Corcoran, W. W. (william Wilson) - Corcoran, W. W.
    • Date: 1791
  • Collection

    Chandler B. Gillam papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Correspondence primarily with Gillam's wife, Sarah Larned, and his parents; diary; journal; writings; Gillam (Gilliam) family papers; photograph; and other papers relating chiefly to his Civil War service with the Twenty-eighth New York Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army. Includes correspondence, diary, and pension papers of the regimental clerk, W.L. Hicks. Also includes one broadside relating to Capt. E.A. Bowen's Civil War service with the twenty-eighth ...

    • Contributor: Gillam, Chandler - Collier, Ellen C. (ellen Clodfelter) - Hicks, W. L. (washington L.)
  • Collection

    Charlotte Browne journal, Catalog Record Only

    Journal (1754 Nov. 17-1757 Aug. 4) of a voyage from London to Virginia, pertaining to incidents at Hampton and Fort Cumberland, Va., Frederick Town, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., and New York State during the French and Indian War.

    • Contributor: Browne, Charlotte
  • Manuscripts/Mixed Material

    Fernandina (Bark) logbook, Catalog Record Only

    Logbook (200 pages) of the ship USS Fernandina (Bark), commanded by Browne, recording its voyages and participation in the blockade of Wilmington, N.C. (1861-1862), and other North Carolina ports as part of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, U.S. Navy. Includes records of the USS Arago (Survey ship), Empire City (Steamship), USS Flag (Steamship), USS Philadelphia (Side-wheel steamer), and USS Star of the West (Steamship) ...

    • Contributor: Browne, George W.
  • Collection

    James Kennedy papers, Catalog Record Only

    Chiefly letters received by Kennedy from merchants in Baltimore, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, and Richmond. Correspondents include Robert Lenox, Charles McKenna, John Read, Jr., Francis Wainwright, and John Wickham. Includes billbook.

    • Contributor: Kennedy, James
  • Collection

    William Pirie papers, Catalog Record Only

    General (1869-1897) and some family correspondence, congressional reports (1889-1897), accounts and records (1883-1899), account books (8 v., 1876-1900), architectural notebooks (4 v.), memorandum books (3 v.), architectural plans and sketches, blueprints, time records, printed material, photographs, and other records, concerning granite used in construction of the Library of Congress Main Building. Names represented include Bernard R. Green of the Office of Building for the ...

    • Contributor: Pirie, William
  • Collection

    Gist family papers, Catalog Record Only

    Includes letters (1776-1778) of John McClure and William Sterett to Mordecai Gist relating to the Revolution in Maryland; letters (1847-1853) of W. W. H. Gist while serving in the Mexican War in New Mexico and while in California; and letters from various family members who served in the 6th Maryland Infantry and the 17th Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War relating to action in ...

  • Collection

    Isaac Hallock papers, Catalog Record Only

    Correspondence, journals, orders, financial records, certificates, Hallock family papers, and printed matter relating primarily to Hallock's career in the military and the merchant marine. Documents his voyages to China aboard the clipper ship Samuel Russell with stops in Foo Chow (Fuzhou Shi) and Shanghai, China. Also documents his Civil War service as a private in the 13th New York Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, at ...

    • Contributor: Hallock, Isaac
  • Collection

    John Martin papers, Catalog Record Only

    Chiefly correspondence of Martin during his Civil War service as a soldier and musician in the 116th New York Infantry Regiment. Discusses regimental operations in Louisiana especially during the siege of Port Hudson in 1863; Baltimore and Frederick, Md.; New York state; Camp Sheridan in Winchester, Va.; and Washington D.C. Includes a pro-Union speech from 1861, a newspaper clipping concerning death of Martin, and ...

    • Contributor: Martin, John
  • Collection

    Wilson Barstow papers, Catalog Record Only

    Letters written by Barstow from Baltimore, Md., Fort Monroe, Va., and New York, N.Y., chiefly to his sister, Elizabeth Stoddard, relating to his activities during the Civil War.

    • Contributor: Barstow, Wilson
  • Collection

    Journal of a French traveler in the colonies, Catalog Record Only

    Journal (79 pages; 1764 December 4-1765 September 7) by an unidentified Frenchman traveling through Jamaica, Cuba, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia and New York. Of particular note are the author's observations on Patrick Henry and the debate in the Virginia House of Burgesses over the Stamp Act.

  • Collection

    Alonzo Ameli papers, Catalog Record Only

    Chiefly correspondence between Ameli and his brother, Peter Ameli, relating to Alonzo Ameli's Civil War service with the 5th New York Infantry Regiment, also known as Duryée's Zouaves (Duryea's Zouaves), chiefly in Maryland, Virginia, and the area surrounding Washington, D.C. Ameli describes camp life, movements of the regiment, and details of skirmishes and battles including the Battle of Big Bethel, Va., 1861. He provides ...

    • Contributor: Ameli, Alonzo