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    Major League Tassa Major League Tassa performs Indo-Caribbean drumming and dance from Queens, New York, as part of the Homegrown Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.
    • Contributor: Tassa, Major League - Major League Tassa (Performing Group) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.). Millennium Stage
    • Date: 2008-01-31
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Philip W. Manhard
    • Contributor: Green, Marshall - Manhard, Philip W.
    • Date: 1988-12-01
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Conversation with 16 year old black male, Washington, DC (Transcript)
    • Contributor: Fasold, Ralph W. - Ward, Charles
    • Date: 1968-06-03

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Julia Taft
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Taft, Julia
    • Date: 1996-04-05
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Marvin Breckinridge Patterson
    • Contributor: Fenzi, Jewell - Patterson, Marvin Breckinridge
    • Date: 1988-02-03
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Farmer's Loan & Trust Co. vs. Great Western Railroad Company, [Law Papers].
    • Contributor: Lincoln, Abraham - Conkling, James
    • Date: 1859-02-01

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  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Warren H. Reynolds
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Reynolds, Warren H.
    • Date: 1997-02-28
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Arthur F. Blaser Jr.
    • Contributor: Ewing, Raymond C. - Blaser, Arthur F., Jr.
    • Date: 1996-10-16
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with John J. McCloy
    • Contributor: Mulhollan, Paige E. - McCloy, John J.
    • Date: 1969-07-08
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Frye, William P.
    • Contributor: Frye, W.P.
    • Date: 1879-04-23

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    Literatura de Cordel: Continuity and Change in Brazilian Popular Literature (Day 2, afternoon) Literatura de cordel, literally "string literature," refers to small popular books or chapbooks, predominantly from northeastern Brazil. They were often suspended from cords or strings, hung across marketplace stalls belonging to local poets during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today, cordel chapbooks are still sold and performed on street corners and in markets throughout Brazil, but are more readily circulated through the Internet. ...
    • Contributor: Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace ... Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace - Soares, Marli Gomes - Williams, Gayle Ann - American Folklife Center - Library of Congress. Hispanic Division - Brazil. Embaixada (U.S.) - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011-09-27
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Samuel W. Lewis
    • Contributor: Jessup, Peter - Lewis, Samuel W. (Samuel Winfield)
    • Date: 1998-08-09
  • Collection
    William O. Douglas papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, speeches, writings, Supreme Court files, subject files, financial records, family papers and genealogy, printed matter, photographs, and other papers documenting Douglas's legal career, his concern for the environment, and other interests. Supreme Court files comprise the bulk of the collection and consist of correspondence, memoranda, drafts and final opinions, docket books, and printed matter relating to cases heard, as well as administrative files ...
    • Contributor: Douglas, William O. (William Orville)
  • Collection
    Courtney Letts de Espil papers, 1925-1994 Writer and wife of the Argentine ambassador to the United States (1933-1943). Correspondence, diaries, writings, clippings, photographs, and other papers concerning social affairs in Washington and including references to many prominent individuals of the New Deal era. Also includes material on a cruise to the Arctic in 1927, the Espils’s return to Argentina in 1943, and life in Argentina under Juan Perón.
    • Contributor: Letts De Espil, Courtney
    • Date: 1925
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    William B. Randolph papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Personal correspondence and financial, legal, and other papers of Randolph, his father, Peter S. Randolph, his mother, Elizabeth Randolph, his guardian, Richard Adams, and other relatives and friends. The papers reflect the management and economic aspects of Randolph's Virginia plantation, Chatsworth, before the Civil War, especially farming and the buying and selling of slaves. Other topics include the election of Thomas Jefferson to the ...
    • Contributor: Randolph, William - Adams, Richard - Randolph, Elizabeth - Randolph, Peter S.
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    Edward Everett Hayden family papers, 1817-1963 Naval officer and scientist. Correspondence, diaries, journals, notebooks, financial material, photographs, and other papers pertaining to Hayden's naval and scientific careers and to his family.
    • Contributor: Hayden, Edward Everett
    • Date: 1817
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Laurence H. Silberman
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Silberman, Laurence H. (Laurence Hirsch)
    • Date: 1998-09-23
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Kitāb Dalāʼil al-khayrāt.
    كتاب دلائل الخيرات. | Dilayil-khayrat = | Guide for the good Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    A collection of prayers for the Prophet, with a description of his tomb and his names.
    • Contributor: Jazūlī, Muḥammad Ibn Sulaymān - Mawlawī, Muḥammad Ibn Ibrāhīm - Batchelder, John Davis - John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1772
  • Collection
    Meg Greenfield papers, 1890-1999 Editor and journalist. Correspondence, speeches and writings, research files, interview transcripts, memoranda, minutes, reports, calendars and schedules, cartoons, financial and legal records, travel files, academic records, biographical material, honors and awards, childhood diaries and writings, family papers, photographs, scrapbooks, printed matter, and electronic files documenting Greenfield's career in journalism.
    • Contributor: Greenfield, Meg
    • Date: 1890
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Allison Butler Herrick
    • Contributor: North, William Haven - Herrick, Allison Butler
    • Date: 1996-04-01
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with Walter B. Deering
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Deering, Walter
    • Date: 2010-00-00
  • Collection
    Charles H. Rogers family papers, 1858-1930 Financier. Correspondence, military orders and passes, notes, calling cards, and a photograph, and also including letters from Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885) and his family.
    • Contributor: Rogers, Charles H.
    • Date: 1858
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    Adelaide Johnson papers, Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Correspondence, diaries, speeches, articles, notes, and other papers concerning Johnson's life and activities as sculptor and feminist. Documents her work on the monument to Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, now located in the crypt of the U.S. Capitol. Also includes records kept of sittings by Anthony, John Burroughs, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and others of whom she created portrait busts. Includes ...
    • Contributor: Johnson, Adelaide
  • Manuscript/Mixed Material
    Interview with W. Robert Warne
    • Contributor: Kennedy, Charles Stuart - Warne, W. Robert
    • Date: 1995-04-01
  • Book
    Exposicio mistica super exod[um]. [Germany, ca. 1150] Manuscript on vellum. Signatures i-xiv⁸, xv⁴. Early gothic minuscule script. Red initials, rubricated. On leaf [2a] in 16th cent. hand: Residentia societatis Jesu millestadij inscrpt. and other notes; on leaf [115b], also in later hand than the text: Bernhardus sup vos qui tnsiti estis. Title from label on cover. Twelfth century romanesque stamped leather binding of white deerskin over wooden boards. Cf. U.S. Library ...
    • Date: 1150

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